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We broke it for you in April and now it’s true – Dinosaur Bar-b-que Coming to Stamford, CT in 2012!

11 Oct

OmNomCT <3’s Dinosaur BBQ!

Update:  as of 5 pm, 12/5/12, Dinosaur Stamford is open.  Check our review!

We don’t like to brag…well, ok, I guess we do… but just this one time, ok?  We told you back in April about how Dinosaur Bar-b-que, a NY BBQ favorite, was working on plans to expand to Stamford.  Being the savvy journalists that we are, we investigated and updated you on their negotiations.  Well, Omnomivores, Stamford Advocate just shared that it’s a done deal.  Dinosaur BBQ is officially opening up in Stamford’s South End in November 2012.  Yay!!

We’re so psyched to try Dinosaur Bar-b-que and see how it compares to the original up in my stomping grounds, da CUSE! Especially after being official judges at the Blues, Views & BBQ festival.  Yep, we’re the real deal now!

So, who’s going to be checking it out?  Who’s so excited they’re licking their lips?  We’ll be here to count down the days with ya!

(Thanks for pointing us to the article Erin!)

Dinosaur Bar-b-que

845 Canal Street

Stamford, CT

Dinosaur BBQ on Urbanspoon

Double Threat: Tabouli Grill, opening up shop in Southport, CT

12 Apr

Our delivery meal from Tabouli Grill:  falafel, shawarma, and Israeli salad.  Oh yeah. 

So, memba’ that post about the awesome Israeli and Middle Eastern food at Tabouli Grill?  Yeah, we do too–their falafel, shawarma, and schnitzel never leave our thoughts.  Seems like lots of other people also know because they won “Best Ethnic Restaurant” from Best of Stamford 2011.  Nice to see the little guys recognized for their cuisine, though we can’t say the same is true for some of the chain restaurants that won.  Kinda sad.

But, this isn’t about big chains, this post is about Tabouli Grill expanding to Southport!  Yup, they announced this on their FB page so we had some questions.  We spoke to Mamadou at the High Ridge Rd. location and he gave us the lowdown.  To begin, they’ll be setting up shop where Ole Mole used to be:  3381 Post Road in Southport, CT.  They will be open in just a few short weeks, but wait, there’s more!  They’ll offer some of the same great fare that has made Tabouli Grill such a success.  Here’s the killer, though:  they are going to work in organic ingredients into their meals.

We’re all excited to try out the new food and we’re totally jealous of everybody who lives nearby Southport.  Then again, we live just minutes away from the original Tabouli Grill…close enough even for delivery! ;) Nah nah nee poo poo!

Tabouli Grill
Address:  3381 Post Road
Southport, CT
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tabouli-Grill/182978816688#%21/pages/Tabouli-Grill/182978816688

Tabouli Grill on Urbanspoon

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