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Ulltimate New Year’s Eve 2015 Planner for Fairfield County (Over 30 Listings)

23 Dec

New Year’s Eve comes but once a year, and that’s probably a good thing, cuz it’s about time you get all liquored up and let your freak flag fly! And, to help you do that, the enablers we are, we’ve put together the biggest and most ultimatest guide to NYE 2015 for Fairfield County. To help ya out, we’ve organized by town and city, too. As we find out more of our favorite spots here in FFLD, we’ll add them for ya so check back. 

Black Rock

TruNorth: It’s on starting at 5 and will go way into the night! Make sure to check back here for more info when it’s available. 

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Ultimate Guide to 2014 New Year’s Eve in Fairfield County

17 Dec


If you’re looking for New Year’s Eve 2015 listings, check them out here

Okay 2014, you’ve met your match. That’s right, make way, ‘cuz 2015 is right around the corner. And with the New Year comes great respon . . . er . . . parties! Yup, lots of great parties, lots of great drinks, and a helluva lot of great food. So, we thought we’d help do our part to make sure that you are off to a great start with a comprehensive guide to New Year’s Eve in Fairfield County. We’re covering as much as FC as possible with lots of choices for ya!

We plan to update, so if you know of any good additions to this list, please let us know.

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New Year’s Eve Bashes Paired with Hangover Breakfast Spots – Fairfield County, CT

23 Dec

2013 is so, well, last year. Let’s do some serious talking about 2014 now. It’s definitely going to be an awesome year, huh? You’ve got your resolutions and you will surely conquer the world, lose some weight, get that promotion, and find that one true love this coming year. Okay, well, let’s be honest with ourselves…we might not do all we hope for, but we can accomplish at least one thing: get a lil bit crazy on New Years Eve! So, being the kind hearted couple that we are, we rounded up a list of places to celebrate NYE then breakfast spots to help fight off that hangover the next day.  If you have any places for us to add, please share…

New Year’s Eve Bashes


Barnum Publick House:  dinner served from 5-10 pm, champagne toast at midnight, and DJ Los from 10-2 am.

Bistro B:  4 course menu that’s $65 for the 6:30 seating or $75 for the 9 pm seating.

Hacienda Villa:  app, entree, dessert, coffee, and an alcoholic drink for just $30!  Score.  See the menu here.


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Saugatuck Grain & Grape Helps Out Sandy Hook Elementary with Champagne Fundraiser

17 Dec

Update:  there are other fundraisers for Sandy Hook Elementary, too. 

Around 1:30 today, Saugatuck Grain & Grape in Westport announced that AT LEAST 10% of their sales for their Bubbles, Bubbles, and More Bubbles event will go to The Sandy Hook School Support Fund.  Even just a few hours after announcing this great fundraiser to help out all the families, staff, and friends of those affected by the shooting that shook Newtown and Connecticut to its core, Saugatuck Grain & Grape received a $500 donation.  If that’s any indication of the money that will be raised, this will be an event to remember in so many different ways.

Now, speaking of champagne:  Jeff, Mimi, and co. will have plenty of the sparkly stuff for you to taste.  You’ll get to sample from just some of these champagnes:  Pierre Gimonnet, Henri Goutorbe, Chartogne-Taillet, Aubry, Alfred Gratien, Pol Roger, Phillipe Gonet, Gosset, Henriot, Vollereaux and Laurent Perrier.  You’ll learn all about champagne and learn that champagne isn’t just what you’ve grown to know.  There’s a whole other world of champagne ahead of you, ready to explore.

So, come on out Saturday, 12/22/12 from 3 to 7 pm and stop by Saugatuck Grain & Grape.  You’ll need to pick up some nice champagne for Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve anyway, so why not support a local business and help people out who were cut to the bone all at the same time?  Just added:  make sure to bring $5 to contribute as your tasting fee.  The entrance/tasting fee will go directly to The Sandy Hook School Support Fund.

Here’s all the event info plus an RSVP on Facebook if you feel obliged. :)

Saugatuck Grain & Grape

40 Railroad Place

Westport, CT

(203) 557-9120

Where to ring in 2013 in Fairfield County: New Year’s Eve dining details.

17 Dec

If you’re looking for where you can celebrate the coming of 2014, check out this post.  

We might have written about the world coming to an end, thanks to a bunch of Mayans who forgot to finish the calendar, but we’re still optimistic about our future.  We’re so optimistic, in fact, that we’ve prepared a nice list of places to paint the town red (or white, or rosé) on New Year’s Eve.  Whether you want to go all NYE crazy, or have a nice meal out with friends, family, or even your honey boo boo (awww), we’ve got the details. So, take a look through, get your reservations in quick, and have a great new year.  We’ll update this with more restaurants as we find them.  If you have any to add to this, please let us know.


Barnum Publick House:  $45 for a 4 course dinner that includes a champagne toast at midnight.  Call at (203) 690-1044 for reservations.


Morello Bistro:  5-7:30 is a la carte and 8:30-11 is a $95 4 course dinner with a prosecco toast and a live DJ.  Check for reservations at (203) 661-3443.

New Canaan

Boulevard18:  A special New Year’s Eve menu will be available.  Call for reservations at (203) 594-9900.

elm:  five courses for $125, paired with wine for $75 more.  Call 203-920-4994 to reserve your table.


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Ending the year on a high note! Red Lulu Cocina & Tequila Bar, South Norwalk (SoNo)

1 Jan

Kristien and I OmNoming it up at Red Lulu

When we were thinking about some great places to OmNom it up for New Year’s Eve, we couldn’t stop going back to our amazing experience at Red Lulu.  With a place that cool, we thought it HAS to be a scene on the craziest night of the year, right? So Kristien called up Red Lulu and was told the chef would be creating some new items for a very special menu, that there would be three seatings, one at 6:00, 8:00 and 10:00, and that they would have confetti and a champagne toast at midnight.  We decided we couldn’t miss out on what was sure to be a fantastic night so we made reservations for us, and our friend, Paul Mueller, author of Abigail and Blueboy, for 8:00PM

To begin, we were led to the most awesome seat in the house:  the head of the beautiful mirrored, cross table just below the brick wall where they were projecting NYC’s Time Square live.  Paul freaked when the granita came out smoking and popped a picture just like we did.  Some things never grow old! :) Our waitress, Emma, brought us our margaritas (HAD to have the Red Lulu and Diablo again) and prepared us for an awesome meal.  Some of the major highlights of the night:

Paul, Emma, and I

1)  The chef’s new guacamole!  It was mixed with thick chunks of smoked bacon… yeah bacon, need we say more?  I just hope this stays on their regular menu. If not, I’m sorry that I just told you about it without hope of you ever achieving oneness through this dish.

2)  The carne asada, once again, was amazing.  It was done up differently when I ordered it last time, so I didn’t feel as guilty for ordering the same darn thing.  There were some nicely grilled onions on the side, with a beautiful strip of beef that was cut into slices and accompanied with some tortillas for wrapping.  A spicy red sauce was there that added great flavor and heat to the dish.  By itself, the beef was amazing, but adding in the red sauce made it great.  Also, throw in some more guacamole and roasted jalapenos, and it’s perfect.  Well, I guess if there was bacon in this guac, too! :)

3)  The service!  It was spot on yesterday.  We were seated right at 8:00 and were well taken care of by the attentive waitstaff and by Emma.  The time we spent at Red Lulu seemed to just drift by as they helped us to celebrate.  Waiters, waitresses, and staff were clad in NYE necklaces and hats, were throwing balloons around, were cranking noise makers, and getting everybody excited.

4)  Both the pulled pork and rib eye tacos.  The meat, in both tacos, was cooked very nicely.  The pulled pork, in particular, was of the kind of quality that you’d find at a stellar BBQ joint.  The pork was just so moist and delicate, that it just seemed to melt away.  Served up with some salsa verde, the pulled pork tacos were a great starter.

My New Year's Eve Cotton Candy Goatee

5)  Last of all, we all shared  a dessert platter.  There was a tequila cupcake with a scoop of butter on top–I ate a big chunk of it with the cupcake thinking it was ice cream.  Nope, it wasn’t, ewwww.  It was butter!  Damn, that was smart of me, but we all got a big laugh out of it.  Also, there were fried banana cheesecake bites that Kristien just loved.   The other two desserts:  a bread pudding (we think… at this point we had quite a few margaritas) and a brownie cake were also very good.  We were even given an extra complimentary dessert platter and some champagne to wash it all down. SWEET!

Red Lulu continues to kick some major culo!  The place was packed, with three dinner seatings and a crowded bar, yet the food came out hot, and the service was superior.  I just wonder when we’ll be back again…maybe next Saturday?

Red Lulu Cocina & Tequila Bar on Urbanspoon

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