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A reliable favorite, now with cocktails. Our review of Basso Cafe in Norwalk

26 Jan

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Since we first went to Basso Cafe back in September ’12, we’ve told everyone we meet to check it out. And, every time we’ve asked how it went, we’ve heard great things back. That’s just the kind of place Chef Renato Donzelli runs.

But, we were starting to feel like posers, recommending the place to everyone, even though we haven’t been back since. We know, bad food bloggers! So, when Basso Cafe went from a BYOB only establishment, to a full-on bar, we figured that was the perfect time to get back there and try their creative cocktails with some friends. Oh, and eat, because, you know, it’s always good to eat when downing large quantities of liquor. Continue reading

Eat Steaks @ Sedona Taphouse, Raise $$$ for Norwalk Seaport Association

24 Aug

Okay, we know that we don’t probably have to go anywhere past the title of this post because, well, steak. There’s steak involved. It’s steak. Actually, to be more precise, it’s Sedona Taphouse‘s Black Angus Flat Iron Steak. They’ll be serving those bad boys up for just $10 during lunch and dinner every single Monday starting today until 9/21. Half of that $10 is going right to the Norwalk Seaport Association who provides countless educational opportunities and helps to preserve the Sheffield Island Lighthouse. This, folks, is what they are calling “Steak Out for Charity” and we hope you can get there.

As if the steak deal wasn’t enticing enough, Sedona Taphouse (recently opened in the Waypointe development in Norwalk) has beer. Lots of freaking beer. Like 50 on tap and 350 by the bottle lot. Also, if you come by for their Happier Hour from 3:30-6:30, you can get all drafts, wine by the glass, cocktails, flatbreads, sliders, and tacos for just $5.

We haven’t been yet, but this is a pretty enticing offer to get us in the doors. Hopefully you can stop by and check out this great event to help a local organization that does so much good.

Sedona Taphouse

515 West Avenue

Norwalk, CT

Phone: (203) 299-1800 for reservations

Hours for Mondays are 11:30-11:30

SoNo Restaurant Week 2014: Classics and New Digs Like Local, Johnny Utah’s, Quartino, and Mama’s Boy

23 May
June 8-13, 2014

June 8-13, 2014

SoNo Restaurant Week is back from June 8-13 and this year, there’s some fresh meat (literally and metaphorically speaking) as well as some of your favorite spots to check out.  First, let’s go through the new spots like Quartino Trattoria Vineria which has taken over where Bacchus used to be, Johnny Utah’s which has taken over Black Bear and is putting a lil’ bit a country into SoNo, Sweet Lucy Lynn’s which was John Dough’s and Archie Moore’s, and Local Kitchen & Beer Bar (30 brews on tap) which is a reboot of NOLA and a sister restaurant to the Fairfield location.

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Chefs at Bar Sügo + Chocopologie Swap Kitchens for Contest

10 Jan

Postponed…will update when we get more info. 

While we’ve been to Chocopologie many times and have feasted upon their chocolates just as much, we have yet to hit up Bar Sügo.  This new restaurant on Wall Street is run by Chef Pasquale Pascarella and has been creating quite the buzz lately and is on our “to-eat list.”  While one of their major selling points has been a great variety of meatballs, the rest of the menu (which changes often) looks inspired, fresh, and creative.

Well, Pat (Pasquale) thought of a great idea…to hold an “Artisan Iron Chef” dinner that involved Fairfield Cheese Company, Bar Sügo, Saugatuck Craft Butchery, and Saugatuck Grain & Grape.  That dinner, to be held on 1/21 was quickly sold out.  But, fret not.  Seeing the success of that dinner, he’s thought of another great idea…Chef Swap.

The chef swap involves Pat and Fritz Knipschildt of Chocopologie.  On February 18 25 (changed to a week later), Fritz will take over the kitchen of Bar Sügo with Pat as his sous chef.  Then, on February 19 26, Pat takes over Chocopologie in Norwalk with Fritz as his sous chef.  That seems a bit too easy, right?  Of course…too easy.  So, they’ve thrown in a catch.  Both Pat and Fritz will be picking a secret ingredient for the other chef to cook a four course dinner with.  If you need two judges, Pat and Fritz, we know two people who write a certain blog about food in Fairfield County who are interested!  Hint, hint, wink, wink, nod, nod.

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Letizia’s awesome thin crust pizza: perfect comfort food after nearly blowing up. Norwalk, CT

3 Nov

Ah! Fresh and hot outta da oven! :)

So, a funny thing happened the other day.  Well, not funny…more like crazy, freaky, final-destinationish, poop-your-pants scary, like you almost died scary.  We heard about the craziness going on at the gas stations, so we both decided to fill up our cars wherever we could. We stopped at the gas station on the corner of Hope and Woodway.  Near the end of the fill up, there was a series of huge explosions above the gas station.  Electric sparks from the transformer overhead rained down on the gas station and even lit up some oil that was on the ground.  We freaked out and didn’t know what to do. Fire trucks started to show up. I was done getting gas, but Kristien wasn’t. Kristien was yelling to me, telling me to just drive off and meet her at CVS up the street.  But I had a movie image in my head:  a man, speeding off in a car with his dog, never to see his wife again so I waited until she was done at the pump. Kristien threw cash at the gas attendant and sped off behind me squealing her tires in the process.  Even as we write this, we’re still freaked out and think how close we were to something potentially horrific.  Luckily nothing happened and nobody got hurt. :)

Needless to say, we didn’t stick around Springdale to see if we’d get the power back.  We headed to Kristien’s office to set up camp there for the night.  We dropped off our supplies then headed to the first restaurant that we had in mind:  Letizia’s.  If you want a nice thin crust pie, this is definitely the spot to check out on Main Ave. in Norwalk.  Kristien put the order in:  sausage, hot pepper, and onions…an OmNomCT favorite combo.  We got a large antipasto, too, then headed out to get some wine. I mean, look…you need wine after that.

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Wine-paired Feast @ Nicholas Roberts Gourmet Bistro’s Inaugural 2012 Farm to Table Dinner – Norwalk, CT

22 Sep

Short ribs from our last dinner at Nicholas Roberts Gourmet Bistro

One of our favorite spots in Fairfield County is Nicholas Roberts Gourmet Bistro in Norwalk.  Our friends Steph and Jim are regulars (we’ve gotta hang again) and we’ve gone with our buds, Alicia and Renato Ghio of rMedia and The Natural Princess fame.  Also, last December we gave them an OmNomy for Best BYOB and there’s a reason why:  local food from farms, creative and inventive dishes from Chef Robert Trolio, and a very quaint atmosphere.

Well, put away the bottle for one very special night.  Join Chef Trolio at Nicholas Roberts Gourmet Bistro for their Inaugural 2012 Farm to Table Dinner on 9/27 at 7:30 pm.  You won’t need your bottle to bring along because there are four wine paired courses along with two wines to start off with when you’re snacking on some appetizers.  Robert was kind enough to share the menu with us, so we’ll share it with you.  Tickets are $69.50, plus tax and gratuity.  With the amount of food and wine that you’re drinking, this is the deal of the century.

Show your love of all things local and of the great food here at Nicholas Roberts by making your reservations today at (203) 229-0035.  If you’re one of those people (there must be a few left) who haven’t eaten at Nicholas Roberts yet, let this be your excellent introduction into their world.

Our Inaugural 2012 Farm to Table Dinner:  featuring wines from the portfolio of Serge Dore

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Birthday Bash #1 at Beach Burger with Fun, Games, Free Food, and Prizes! – Norwalk, CT

2 Apr

The Bynum Burger...'nuff said

Saturday, April 14

6-9 pm

History will be made.  Yes, on that date Beach Burger will have been opened for a year.  To celebrate, there will be a burger party and you’re invited.  There will be lots of fun, games, free food, prizes, and tons more.  Sweeten the pot?  RSVP on their FB page, and let them know you’re coming.  If you’re one of the first 20 people to register, you’ll get a gift card when you show up for the party.

Let’s give you a few reasons why you need to hit up Beach Burger on April 14, or any day for that matter:

1) 2011 OmNomy Winner for best hamburger in Fairfield County

2) Excellent burgers that are fresh, never frozen, and full of flavor.  Lots of varieties to try, too.  Their classic is great and The Bynum is an experience to be experienced.

3) Milkshakes that should be listed as drugs by the FDA because they are seriously that good.  Our faves are Apple Pie and the PB&J.

4) A new menu with hot dogs and seafood that we want to try badly.

5) Our review that we wrote for CBS Connecticut sums it up, too.

The Beach Burger
Noms:  4.5
Cost:  $$
Address:  10 1st Street
Norwalk, CT
Phone:  (203) 956-5767
Hours: Daily 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
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