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Sort of a Flubba’ @ Pat’s Hubba Hubba – Stamford, CT

24 Jul

Hot summer days just seem to beg for hot dogs and hamburgers, ya know?  We’d been dying for some burgers and dogs all Sunday and were excited to try Pat’s Hubba Hubba on Cove Road in Stamford.  Years ago, when we lived in Rye Brook, we journeyed to the original Pat’s in Port Chester, NY.  It’s a total dive, and probably the best illustration of what a dive is if you ever needed one.  Dollars line the wall and there is simply just a burger/dog bar in a tiny little restaurant.

So, back to our meal in the Stamford spot.  You pull up and see lots of outdoor seating with a retro drive-in kinda decor.  The menu inside is quite overwhelming:  burgers, dogs, chili, wedges, and–strangely–quesadillas and Mexican favorites. So here’s what we decided on:

Pat’s Famous Steak Pizzaiola:  I figured, hey, if it’s so famous, I have to try it because I freakin’ love pizzaiola.  My mom makes a killer version that she cooks all day long.  Yeah, damn good.  Pat’s was just okay, though.  The sauce was nice and zesty and the melted provolone added a nice sharpness to the dish, but it couldn’t help the overcooked steak.  The steak was similar to the meat you’d find in Steak ‘Ums, but was just a little too tough.  Unfortunately, their hot dogs were the same.

Texas Dog:  If ya ain’t up to speed with hot dog terminology, that’s a wiener with chili and onions.  Let’s start with the chili.  It has a nice meaty taste, it isn’t too thick, and–best of all–it’s spicy.  Not your lame spicy that most restaurants try to pull off.  It’s a make you sweat spicy.  You can buy the chili by itself here to go, if you’d like.  The chili, sadly, was the best part of the Texas Dog.  The poor wiener was grilled too much, almost to the point of burnt (both of ours, wasn’t a fluke) and was very dry.

Onion Rings:  Along with the chili, this was another great part of our meal.  The rings were crispy and gave a nice crunch when you bit in.  Even better?  When you bite in, the slice of onion doesn’t get torn out of the whole ring.  Don’t you hate that?  We hate that.

French Fries:  They were a bit crispy, but not enough to make these fries excellent and stand out from other burger joints.  With a little more time in the deep frier, these would be better.

Overall, we hate to say it, but we probably won’t come back to Pat’s Hubba Hubba.  It might have just been a bad night on the grill, but when we think of all the good burger and dog joints nearby:  BSF, Filling Station, Shake Shack, Beach Burger (our CBS review is coming in September), and Benny’s Fast Break, we just can’t seem to justify it.

Pat’s Hubba Hubba

Noms: 2.75

Cost: $$

Address: 820 Cove Road
Stamford, CT 06902
Phone:  (203) 325-9928
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pats-Hubba-Hubba/236237370761

Pat's Hubba Hubba on Urbanspoon

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