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Little Thai Kitchen, Big Thai Taste! Delivering Thai-goodness via the Magic of Seamlessweb! Little Thai Kitchen–Darien, CT

13 Feb

Okay, stop judging us, we got delivery two nights in a row.  Yeah, you know I’m talking about you.  I hear you all the time at school saying that I eat out a lot.  Yeah, so?  Life’s too short to always be good! ;)  Well, when Kristien called from a long day in NYC of attending the NYC Fashion Week and a client meeting, she had it bad for some Thai.  My task:  find some good Thai to get delivered.  There are some decent options here in Stamford/Darien/Greenwich, so I looked through our restaurants binder.  Yeah, we’re food-nerds, okay, we keep a binder.  I was going to try Ocha, a Thai/Japanese restaurant because you could order online and I’ve always wanted to do that.  I logged onto seamlessweb.com, but I didn’t see them on there.  Bummer.  I did, though, see Little Thai Kitchen.  Hell yeah!  We’ve always wanted to try this place.

Now, if you’ve never used seamlessweb.com, it’s an awesome site.  You enter in your addy and you get a list of places that will deliver to you.  When you click on a restaurant it’ll bring up the menu with a list of the most liked dishes and the most ordered dishes.  Pretty sweet.  You mouse over menu items and you see a description of the food, too.  Within just a minute or two I had the order filled and with the help of the “freecoffee” coupon code I saved 5 bucks.  I was even able to add the tip right there!  This was sweet when the delivery woman came by and just handed us the bag of goodness and that was it!

After a few minutes of anxiously waiting to see if this seamlessweb-thingy would work I got an e-mail with a confirmation and a delivery estimate.  Not too shabby!  You’ll be happy to see that the estimates are listed in the main menu when you’re trying to find a good restaurant–you just get a more accurate estimate once it gets sent back to you from the restaurant.

Well, onto the meal.  We shared some steamed veggie dumplings and those were good, though I think I would have liked them to be more moist.  I hate that word, moist.  Ug.  My main dish was the spicy Thai Green Curry and it was great.  Coconut, zucchini, eggplant, bamboo shoots, chunks of chicken, and bell peppers were bathed in a beautiful, creamy broth.  The coconut milk in the broth added a nice silkiness to the dish, but also gave it great flavor.  Add in a kick of hot spiciness and this made a perfect dish.  I heaped in the entire rice container to soak up the lovely green curry.  I don’t usually love eggplant in dishes, but they were one of the stars in this dish!

Kristien had the Chicken Pad Thai and thought it was good and solid.  They gladly obliged us by giving us some extra lime slices (I made a note under the comment section on the web order) that Kristien squeezed the hell out of on her noodles.  She said the chicken was a little dry, though this tends to happen with Chicken Pad Thai that you order at places.  Actually, she had eaten some Chicken Pad Thai earlier at Kittichai in NYC and boldly stated that it was the best she’d ever have.  If LTK’s was moister it would have been stellar.  I also ordered the Thai Iced Tea for Kristien because she loves iced tea almost as much as root beer floats–more on that in a future post.  It was pretty sweet and had a very orangey, pumpkiny look to it.  She couldn’t drink it, but I didn’t think it was that bad.

The killer end was the mango with sweet sticky rice!  This was a stellar dessert, really excellent.  You had a nice plop of rice held together and oh so sticky with some coconut milk and sugar.  The coconut milk and sugar oozed down to the bottom of the dish and kept the rice in a shallow bath that we used for dipping.  Pair that with nice, thin slices of mango and this hit all the right taste buds.

This was a good, solid meal.  Definitely a place you’d want to come back to and try new stuff–there is quite an extensive menu, btw.  When we’re in the mood for Thai again, this will be a place to check out.  As for seamlessweb.com for online delivery, go on and give it a Thai.  ;)

Noms:  3.5
Cost:  $$
Little Thai Kitchen
Address: 4 West Avenue
Darien, CT 06820
Phone: (203) 662-0038
Website:  http://www.littlethaikitchen.com

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