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Chill Out @ Rizzuto’s Ice Bar + Winter Patio Party ft. New Amsterdam Vodka

24 Feb

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Oh the weather outside is frightful, but at the Rizzuto’s Ice Bar it’s so delightful. So, go ahead and grab your bros, it’s so cold, it’s so cold, it’s so cold. 

Okay, enough of that, let’s just get down to the details for the 1st Annual Ice Bar and Winter Patio Party at Rizzuto’s Oyster Bar & Restaurant in Westport. Just stop by their 540 Riverside Avenue spot starting at 7 on 2/27 and 6 on 2/28 for some super-chilled drink, food specials, and (yes it’s true) an ice luge. And, cuz we love you so much, we’re sharing the menu with ya: 

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Oysters Served 14 Ways: Oyster Madness @ The Spread w/ Copps Island Oysters

18 Feb

Fresh Oysters at Rowayton Seafood Fish Market in Rowayton CT

If you can’t get enough of oysters, The Spread in SoNo promises to give you something to live for with their upcoming Oyster Madness blowout event. Come by their 70 N. Main Street location on March 3 from 4:30-10 and you’ll get to enjoy oysters 13 different ways. Well, 14 ways if you include their cash-only shucking bar that’s just a buck a shuck. 

There’s no cost to enter, but they will be collecting an optional $10 donation at the door that will go directly to the Sheffield Island Lighthouse Education Program. Oh, and those buck a shuck oysters? All of that money goes right to SILEP, too. Also, The Spread will be offering up a portion of their sales from the night to this local, important program that sheds light on (get it?) “public awareness of our marine resources, environment, and heritage through research, education and preservation.”

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Twice is nice, third time’s a charm at B.J. Ryan’s BANC House in Norwalk

28 May
Ladies and gentleman:  The Healthy Elvis sandwich.  We're talking bananas, strips of thick smoky bacon, and peanut butter served up on whole wheat bread.

Ladies and gentleman: The Healthy Elvis sandwich. We’re talking bananas, strips of thick smoky bacon, and peanut butter served up on whole wheat bread.  Lobster roll in the background…

When we first went to B.J. Ryan’s B•AN•C (BBQ and crabs) back in November 2011, we were excited for an awesome meal.   The weather was beautiful so we sat outside under their awesome covered patio.  When the food arrived, though, we were pretty disappointed.   There were some highlights like the drink selections and the bacon wrapped dates, but the BBQ ribs, chicken, and risotto we had were way too dry and overcooked.

Now the ribs had a nice char and were anything but dry...

Now the ribs had a nice char and were anything but dry…

Then, a few months back, Kristien’s boss’s band, Ask Your Mom, was playing at B•AN•C, so we decided to give it another try.  We asked Derek what to try and he (and some of his band mates) suggested the Lazy Bacon pork belly.  Smart man that Derek is, because the pork belly was excellent, with a nice ratio of fat to meat.  We also had some ribs that were cooked very nicely, charred on the outside, delicate on the inside, coming off the bone with a gentle tug…totally different than the ribs that we first had.  And, of course, we ordered the bacon wrapped dates because they kicked butt last time.  The mixed drinks were great too and, hey, it’s hard to beat live music at a BBQ joint. We were very happy to see such improvement.

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The Laurel: Floating Oyster Bar Coming to a Dock Near You

15 Mar

Food trucks are awesome…it’s been scientifically proven.  Food+Fast+Fun=Major Noms.  See?  And, when it comes to food trucks, we’ve seen so many:  meatballs, crepes, lobster rolls, grilled cheese sandwiches, breakfast food, burritos, waffles, and oysters.  Oysters?

Yes, oysters.  But, we’re not talking about your regular kind of food experience here.  We’re talking about an oyster bar aboard Laurel, America’s oldest oyster boat.  She was built in 1891 and was about to be destroyed when her savior, Jean Paul Vellotti, came along.  He was on assignment, taking photos for Whole Foods when he climbed on board Laurel to capture that perfect shot.  Instantly, he felt a connection with her and felt how sad it would be if this boat was destroyed.  Not too long after this, Jean Paul (born in East Norwalk, now in Westport) made an offer on the boat and saved over 100 years of history from being written off the earth.

Since purchasing Laurel, Jean Paul continues extensive work at a New Haven dock to ensure that his ship can make the same legendary trips that she used to make.  Years ago, The Laurel harvested countless oysters and took them to ports along Long Island Sound, the Great Peconic Bay, the Great South Bay, New York Harbor, and even Delaware Bay.  While there are no plans right now to take Laurel on oyster bar trips to Maryland, there are definitely plans to hit up lots of spots locally.  Here’s their current schedule:

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Rowayton’s Seafood Fish Market: Shuckin’ Fresh, Not So Shuckin’ Sure. Rowayton, CT

2 Oct

If you’ve been to Rowayton Seafood Restaurant, or just “The Restaurant” as their website says, you’ve probably had lobster, clams, and the freshest seafood.  We ate there years ago when I wanted to treat Kristien to a fine seafood dinner.  The food was very good and they were quite accommodating, even taking the lobster out of the shell for Kristien (yeah she hadn’t hit pro-status yet).  We were in the area because I’m a dummy.  I swore there was a festival going on, but it was actually the day before.  Doh.  So, why not stop in for a quick bite?  Have your car valet parked or find a spot on a side street.

For the people who want just a quick, easy bite, they’ve got your covered.  To the side of the restaurant, right on the water is Rowayton Seafood Fish Market.  You can order fresh fish and seafood here, and even order some food to eat outside on the benches.  We ordered, got our utensils and condiments, then sat back and enjoyed the summer day.  Unfortunately, though, you aren’t allowed to have a drink out there anymore. Bummer. After a while, the cashier who helped us before came by with our food.  We were excited because we remembered how awesome the food was in their restaurant just a few feet away.  Well, sometimes things change.

First off, Kristien had some oysters.  Yeah, those rocked.  She loved them, nice and fresh, full of flavor.  They were served with a cocktail sauce, but nothing else fancy.  Plain and simple, but I know Kristien was expecting some mignonette sauce.

My lunch was fish and chips.  Hell yes, right?  Um, no.  The breading on the fish was soggy and not crispy at all.  I had the feeling like it had been breaded a while ago and was just waiting there to be fried up.  After being fried, it didn’t get enough golden color at all.  The taste was pretty bland, too.  Later I checked Foursquare checkins and saw that people said Fish and Chips are bad here, don’t get them.  Tip, people:  always check Foursquare checkins before you eat somewhere.  You get the good and bad.  The fries were okay, but could have been much crisper.

Kristien’s lobster roll seemed like it would be amazing because it was of the hot variety.  Yeah, the only kind that I’ll eat because of my mayo disgust.  The roll itself was ok, the lobster was fresh and there was lots of it, but there was a minimal amount of butter…actually, didn’t seem like any at all.  If you’re a lobster purist, then this is good for you.  You simply get the flavor of the lobster and not much else.  For those looking for a more complex flavor to come from the butter, look elsewhere.

Overall, we were kind of disappointed with our trip to the Rowayton Seafood Fish Market, especially because their next door restaurant continually wins “Best of Seafood” awards.  We’ll give them best of fresh, but not sure we can go much further than that.  I’m glad to see we’re not alone, because there are many other “meh” reviews of the food around the net.  Maybe you need to stick to just Rowayton Seafood and ditch their “shack” to get some good food?

Rowayton Seafood Fish Market

Noms: 2.75

Cost: $$$

Address:  89 Rowayton Avenue

Rowayton, CT 06853

Site:  http://www.rowaytonseafood.com/home.html

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Oysters, BBQ, Pirates, Superheroes, BMX Stunts, Soul Asylum, Fuel, and Cooking Competitons @ Norwalk Oyster Fest 2011

2 Sep

34th Norwalk Oyster Festival: September 9-11, 2011

Some reasons to check out the Norwalk Oyster Fest this year:

Food Fun

There will be cooking competitions, BBQ, oysters, and the other popular Fest foods.  The BBQ from the Kansas City BBQ Society was okay last time we went, we’d try the New England BBQ Society or stick to the tents and the oysters.  Also, there will be lots of chances to get food from charitable organizations.  We’re all about helping out, and this is an awesome way to because you definitely have to get your grub on, so why not do so and do good at the same time? ;)  




9/9:  Fuel!  “Hemorrhage (In My Hands),” “Shimmer,” “Won’t Back Down,” and “Innocent.”  

9/10:  Soul Asylum, baby!  Remember their songs?  We do!  “Runaway Train,” “Misery,” and “Somebody to Shove?”  Hell yes.  

9/11:  Silverado.

BMX and motocross stunts.  Seriously, this was awesome the last time we went.  Flips and all other kinds of stunts.  Kristien and I would also perform, but we wouldn’t want to make the riders feel inadequate.  So, we just watch.

Family Friendly

Avast! Pirates will be walking around but best mind your booty, landlubbers.  Dress yer kid as a pirate (if they aren’t already like that) and, arrhh, they be getting in free.  Pirates not yer thing, lassy?  Come by Sunday and you get to see Marvel Superheroes such as Captain America, Thor, and Spider-man.  No mention, though, of Oyster-Man, Captain OmNom, or Bloated-Girl.  ;)

The Deets

September 9-11, 2011

Veteran’s Park on Seaview Avenue

Adults:  $10 on Friday, $12 on Saturday and Sunday, Adult Weekend $25

Senior Citizens:  $10

Children:  5-12 are $3, 4 and younger are free.

Military personnel or activity duty: free

Tickets can be purchased here or on the spot.

BRING CASH!  Seriously, you’ll need it.  :)

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