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One sip, one bite and you’re a Lorca-vore for life! Lorca, Stamford

4 Jun

Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and cruddy deli, diner, or gas station coffee. Those have really been the only options for you if you wanted a pick me up in Stamford. Well, that was until Leyla Dam opened up Lorca on the lively Bedford Street. Her view on coffee and cafes? Only serve the best quality beans, only make coffee with the best methods that highlight the flavors, support local bakers like Wave Hill Breads, and make food from scratch. Looks like a great view to us!

As we entered, we loved how cute and quaint Lorca was. There are a few tables to sit at, a beautiful exposed brick wall, and a coffee counter with a bright churros sign pulling you in. Churros you say?  Oh, yes the churros. You might say she’s just a bit of an expert. See, she actually spent time in Spain learning the art of  churro making. So, needless to say, we were drooling for months waiting to finally try ’em.

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Getting Stuffed at SoNo Baking Company & Café – Norwalk, CT

13 Jul

If this is heaven, kill me now.

We’re just going to save you a trillion words of raving about SoNo Baking Company & Café by talking mainly about one dish and one dish only.  Yes, this post is an ode to the Stuffed Brioche French Toast.  If there’s any kind of breakfast food that will enlighten you and unchain you from this material world, this is it!

Does that fruit salad on the side make this healthy? ;)

First, they start off with soft and thick brioche.  It really is that doughy, gooey and that good, but it didn’t have that overly eggy taste that you sometimes get with French toast.  The french toast itself would have been great enough for an excellent meal (and it is a meal on the menu, btw), but it’s stuffed, damn it.  And it’s the stuffing that makes this dish.  A nice helping of vanilla pastry cream gets mixed with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.  Smather that in between both slices of brioche and you’ve got a plateful of heaven.  The cream isn’t too sweet at all and the berries add a nice contrast in flavor and texture.  Yeah, it’s that damn good.

Cakes and other goodies!

Sure, they have other breakfast foods like buttermilk pancakes, SoNo egg sandwiches, farm fresh egg omelets, Nola’s granola, and other goodies, but they also have other breakfast specials and what Kristien ordered:  an egg breakfast.  She ordered two eggs, over easy, with bacon, home fries, sourdough toast (killahhhh), and some fresh fruit salad.  The eggs, fresh and flavorful, were cooked nicely.  The bacon was thick, smoky, and crispy.  The home fries were seasoned nicely, though could have been browned up more.  We both love helluva brown home fries.  It just brings out more flavor.

Some of the great pastries available!

But, if you come here, you really need to have more than that traditional American breakfast because they have amazing cakes, pastries, breads, pies, lunch, and even Sunday brunch!   You have plenty of reasons to come back here because there is so much variety, but if you’re like one of our friends (he will remain anonymous because it’s a sin), you come back for the Stuffed Brioche French Toast without the fruit in the pastry cream.  Yeah, it’s a sin, but a forgivable one because I’m sure it still rocks like that.  Seating is limited, but there is outdoor dining for those beautiful mornings when you want to soak up the sun.  Parking is a bit weird, too, but you’ll figure something out.  We’d park in Stamford and walk over if we needed to get here.  For reals.

Now, we don’t feel like we can give a good, overall Nom rating because we haven’t had their pies, cakes, and pastries (except these), we’ll have to come back and eat much much more.  It’s all for you, Omnomivores.  If we could give a Nom rating just for that Stuffed Brioche French Toast, we’d give it a 5.

Cost:  $$

SoNo Baking Company & Café
Address: 101 Water Street
South Norwalk, CT
Phone:  (203) 847-SONO (7666)
Site:  http://www.sonobaking.com/index.html
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/SoNo-Baking-Company-Cafe/370143684814
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/SoNoBakingCo

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