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Drunken Dim Sum + Tiki Cocktails: Pizza Surf Club Opening Above Fortina Stamford!

13 Apr



Surf some waves of cheese . . . and Tiki cocktails . . .


Update: We visited Pizza Surf Club this past Sunday and need to update our original post. First of all, drinks were hit or miss. The Mousse Juice was still great, but the Margaritas were either weak like water or had too much bite from cheap-tasting tequila. The food portion of the Pizza Surf Club was even more disappointing, with only square pies being brought around sporadically. And, while the pizza was okay, it certainly wasn’t up to the same standard as other Fortina pizza. We wondered where all that other great and fun food was that they put on display opening day. We were also a bit disappointed with the bar service. One bartender, in particular, was slow and came off as rude and unconcerned. At other times, we received the wrong drinks, getting a Margarita instead of a Motorino. Last of all, and certainly not under the control of Pizza Surf Club, but the whole deck had a college frat-party kind of vibe with people spilling drinks, sloppy drunk, and doing shots. We can’t say that we recommend going to Pizza Surf Club anymore, but we do still think that Fortina downstairs is great and worth a visit. 

Surf’s up on this one, dudes and dudettes: the rooftop Pizza Surf Club will be open this Sunday at (and above) Fortina in Stamford . . . oh, and you’re gonna be hanging ten . . . or is it three sheets to the wind? Well, it’s just gonna be f’n awesome, okay? Stop by starting at noon.

Pizza Surf Club will feature a nice variety of drinks (just $8) and plenty of mixed drinks too. Oh, but not any cocktails, when you’re at the Pizza Surf Club you’ll be drinking a smorgasbord of Tiki drinks. TIKI BAR, YES!

And, while you’re there, you’re gonna wanna get your nom on, so the kitchen’s got ya covered. Chef Jared Falco of Fortina shared that they’ll be featuring all the kinds of food that the owners and chefs of Fortina want to have when they’ve been out drinking. We’re talking tacos, corn dogs, empanadas, Sloppy Joes, and all sorts of dim sum that will slap the hell out of your tastebuds. One dish in particular Chef Falco created was a Braciole (cooked in bacon) Burrito that is nestled by risotto and more. 

They will be keeping the rooftop deck open seven days a week, although it will be seasonal. Not too much surfing’s going down in December, ya know? Also, don’t think that this will be the only place that you’ll ever see the Pizza Surf Club. As they work their way through the spring and summer here, they’ll be looking at their other spots to see if they can set up something similar, even in a basement or area below the restaurant. And, as they look to open more Fortina restaurants, they’ll be keeping the Pizza Surf Club as a priority, too.

Yeah, surf’s up brahhhh. Hope you can make your way down to Fortina to check it out. 

Address: 120 Washington Blvd, Stamford, CT 06902
Phone:(203) 703-9080
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