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Gettin’ Slap Happy off o’ Pappy – Plan B Milford

22 Dec

We’re sure that we had you right at Pappy Van Winkle, so let’s just get down to things right away, huh? Plan B Milford hosted a Pappy Dinner and damn right we got our tickets within minutes of them going on sale. See, we learned our lesson from last year when Plan B Stamford hosted a Pappy dinner and Milford held a Buffalo Trace + Pappy Dinner, and they sold out in like an hour or something crazy like that. After all, many people say it’s the best bourbon you’ll ever taste, so it’s really no surprise.

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Bacon Week Set to Sizzle at Plan B Burger Bar in Milford

10 Sep

(All photos provided by Plan B Milford)

If there’s something that we’ve figured out about Plan B, and specifically Plan B Milford, when they set their minds on something, they destroy it.  Like, seriously…they kill it.  Case in point:  The Third Annual Bacon Week at Plan B Milford.  Want a bucket of bacon?  Done!  Want to eat a “healthy” Swine salad, bacon candy bars, or bacon candy apples?  Done, done, done! Want to add bacon to anything on the menu?  Done!   Even more killer?  They’ve infused bacon into their mixed drinks, too!  So, without further delay (we know you’re probably sitting in a puddle of drool now), here’s the menu along with the cocktails that you’ll get to devour September 15-21:

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A trifecta of events to make Derby Day 2014 awesome in Milford, New Haven, + Norwalk

24 Apr

2014 marks the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby, the Indy 500 of the horse-racing world.  As we mentioned in our post about the special Kentucky bourbon tasting at Harry’s, the derby is really just an excuse for people to dress in huge ass hats and wear lots of Vineyard Vines and searsucker suits.  But, you can’t just get all dressed up and all fancy looking then stay at home.  Psssh, what fun would that be?  You best believe that we’ve got to help you out a bit.  So, here are three really exciting and adventurous things to do on Derby Day…hideous hat not necessarily included.

Plan B Burger, Milford

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Proof of God: 2nd Bacon Week Begins at Plan B Milford

28 Oct

Last year we told you all about Bacon Week at Plan B of Milford.  You oohed, you awwed, you drooled, you clawed your way there.  Well, boys and girls, it’s back and it’s bigger and better than ever.  Here are the details (we won’t complicate this with words, let’s just get down to the porky details):

  • It runs from 10/28-11/4.
  • Bacon cocktails
  • Woo your sweetheart with bacon roses
  • Bacon Butter Mac & Cheese
  • The Hog Tied Hamburger
  • Scrumptious Swine fi-Salad
  • and so many more bacon related goodness.

Plus, if you come by at 7 pm on 11/1, you can have dinner with DaymDrops himself.  He’s the man!

Plan B Milford

Address:  1638 Boston Post Rd.

  Milford, CT 06460

Phone:  (203) 713-8700


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