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Food Trucks, J House Bar, After Parties + More @ Greenwich Polo Club 2015

2 Jun

Going out to the Greenwich Polo Club grounds to watch a polo match is one of those things that you must do at least a few times a year. Not only is it a quintessential Connecticut way to spend a day, it’s also a great time to spend some time with some friends. Entry is free, but you just need to pay $40 to park for lawn spots (there are other options too), so it pays to carpool. You can start arriving at 1 to get in, set up, and get comfy, and the match begins at 3.

Now, this season will be even more awesome for a few reasons.

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To Do: VIP Tent at Greenwich Polo Club with Lolita Cocina and Tequila Bar + American Harvest Vodka Bar

26 Jun

Kristien, Dan, Danielle, Aly, and Carp.  No, Dan and Carp did not color coordinate, but they do look fabulous, huh?

We’ve been living in Connecticut for a long time so can you believe we’ve never checked out a polo match?  Well, look, we really had no excuse after we moved to Greenwich.  Really, it’s just a given.  You live in Greenwich, you go to at least one polo match.  And, wouldn’t you know it, we went to our first polo match at Greenwich Polo Club this past weekend with friends Carp, Aly, and Danielle?  We brought wine, drinks, cheeses, fruits, meats, chips, crackers, breads, spreads, and even managed to fit in the kitchen sink.  Then, we just sat back under the shade of a tree, snacked, drank, talked, and watched the game.  We had such a great time and only had to pay $20 ($40 per car, but we split the fee).

And, there’s another polo match going on this coming Sunday, starting at 3 (doors open at 1).  You can certainly set up your own spread like we did and just enjoy the experience or you can hit up the VIP tent for just $40 each.  That will get you access from 1-3 pm, snacks and treats from Lolita Cocina and Tequila Bar of Greenwich, and drinks, beer, and wine courtesy of American Harvest Vodka.  Just purchase your VIP tent ticket(s) by clicking here and remember to have $40 to park per car.

Hope you have the pleasure of learning what a chukker is.  Oh, and don’t forget to dress “garden chic” and bring your most fanciest hats and bowties.  Do you think we pulled off garden chic?


Greenwich Polo Club

6/30, VIP Tent

1-3 pm, game starts at 3

$40 per person

1 Hurlingham Drive

Greenwich, CT 06831

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