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3 Pot Pie Recipes You Need to Make NOW from Marcia Selden Catering

9 Jan

Marcia Selden Pot Pie

When we think of winter, we think of a few things: bitter cold, snow, snowboarding, snow days, hot cocoa, and . . . pot pies. Yeah, it’s hard to beat a dish that has every single food group in it. So, move over pizza, and make way for some baked goodness from our friends at Marcia Selden Catering. They were kind enough to share with us three awesome recipes for Sweet Corn and Lobster Pot Pie w/ Jalapeño Corn Bread Crust, Chicken Pot Pie w/ Stuffing Crust, and Beef Pot Pie w/ Egg Noodle Crust. Winter ain’t gonna suck this year with these creative recipes, plus they suggest getting creative with the recipes by filling up individual puff pastry shells in muffin tins, crepes, baking the filling into pizza dough like a calzone, or even stuffing a baked potato.

Sweet Corn and Lobster Pot Pie with Jalapeno Corn Bread Crust

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