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Battle of the Northeastern Pumpkin Beers—See How Your Favorite Ranks!

19 Oct
OmNomCT Pumpkin Beer Tastings from the Northeast

It’s a tough job, but damn right we’re gonna do it!

Pumpkin season is apparently the new Christmas–it seems to start earlier and earlier every year (like August, gasp!?) and everyone counts down the days until it begins. While we were able to practice just enough self control to wait until the high temps dipped below 70, we admit, we were eager and ready too! How could we not be with so many of our favorite craft breweries getting in on the pumpkin game? But with all these options we realized that it’s really hard to know which breweries have killer pumpkin brews, and which were just kind of “meh.” So, being responsible food bloggers, we decided to visit BevMax in Stamford to buy 10 different pumpkin beers from across the Northeast (and DE just for fun) and see which ones we liked the most (and least) so we could report back to you. See the sacrifices we make for you?

To keep things fair, we held a double-blind study on a laid back Sunday night. Kristien poured out samples for Dan and he rated, not knowing which beer it was…then Kristien did the same in a different order. We judged based on taste, appearance, and smell. In terms of taste we wanted to make sure we knew at first sip that it was a pumpkin beer, but we were also looking for it to be nicely balanced—not too light or too heavy with the spices.  For appearance we were searching for a dark golden brown hue, nothing more, nothing less. And for smell, we wanted that warm and spicy scent we’ve come to expect from pumpkin beer.

So let’s get into our ranking of these 10 brews from lowest rated to highest, along with ABV and notes. We hope you enjoy…

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Brew-view: Roadsmary’s Baby – Two Roads Brewery – Stratford, CT

29 Aug


Our search for the brand new release of Roadsmary’s Baby started this past Friday when this Two Roads brew was first released.  See, we had just moved into an apartment building that people had warned us about.  Apparently a beer writer used to live there that went crazy and began worshipping the devil.  We had heard of other strange things, but we decided that these things only added more character to the building.  Plus, we’d have lots of crazy stories to tell people when they came over to visit.  People were strange and suspicious that we met there, but life was good still. Well, that’s until Kristien was drugged then was taken advantage by a demonic force. Dan seemed to care, but after the birth he stole the baby away to share with his fellow devil worshippers. This child would be the future ruler of the world, fathered by Satan himself.  Or, something like that. And, that’s about when Two Roads heard about our story and decided to create a beer in honor of our tragically demonic story.  Or, something like that.

Beer: Roadsmary’s Baby

Brewery:  Two Roads Brewing Company in Stratford, CT

Style:  Pumpkin Ale

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