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Hold Your Table and Get Some Cash Back with OpenTable

27 Mar

One of the first things we do when we’re looking for a restaurant to hit up is check to see if it’s on OpenTable.  In just a few clicks you can see lots of restaurants in your area that are taking reservations.  From there, you can click on a restaurant, enter in your party size and time, then you’re on your way to booking your table.  You could even play restaurant roulette and enter a party size, date, and time and see which restaurants in the area have tables nearby.

Dino Poutine is killer, unique to Dinosaur Stamford

Dino Poutine is killer, unique to Dinosaur Stamford

Recently, we used OpenTable to get ourselves some nice seats at Bar Sugo in Norwalk and Dinosaur Bar-b-que in Stamford.  Plus, we can’t tell you how easy this site makes vacation planning.  And, wouldn’t you know it, Dan’s Prius has OpenTable built into it?

When you show up for the reservation, make sure you give your name and they check you in before you find your seat.  At most restaurants you’ll earn 100 points for each time you show up and dine out.  There are even some restaurants on the site that will earn you 1,000 points for honoring your reservation.  When you reach 2,000 points you’ll be sent a $20 gift certificate usable at any OpenTable restaurant.

Here are just some of the OpenTable restaurants that you could hit up in just Connecticut:

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iDine Puts the $ Back in Your Pocket Just for Eating Out

26 Mar

This is the first in a series of useful sites that can save you some major cash.  First, let’s tell you about how awesome iDine.com is.  It’s pretty simple.  All you need to do is sign up for an account, enter the credit card(s) that you use to pay your meals with, then hit up restaurants in their directory.  After you go, iDine.com will ask you to complete a quick survey about the restaurant, then up to 15% of the bill will go into your account.  When you reach $20, you can request an American Express gift card to be sent to you or you can wait until another increment of $20.  After just a few weeks you’ll have a credit card loaded with your rewards that you can use on anything.  You start off with %5 back at Level 1, but as you spend more money at restaurants (the money you’d be spending anyway), you’ll raise to Level 2 (10%) and Level 3 (15%).

While sometimes there might be restrictions such as, “Doesn’t count for Saturday dinner,” most of the restaurants that we’ve visited are pretty lenient with their rules and stipulations.  We’ve also been surprised a few times while on vacation.  One time we visited Southampton Publick House on Eastern Long Island then discovered that just for having some brews and some food we were getting about $5 bucks in rewards.  Cha ching.  It’s really a no-brainer and costs you nothing.

Here are just some of the places in Connecticut that participate (there are still lots more we didn’t list):

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