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Explore Stamford Restaurants with Eating Stamford: Uptown Restaurant Week

10 Apr

Rizzuto’s is new to the dining scene, so why not try them out during Eating Stamford: Uptown?

Stamford Restaurant Weeks are great and are a major highlight of the year for eaters.   But, believe it or not, there are tons of great restaurants outside of Downtown Stamford that you might not have tried.  Some of these restaurants are actually on the top of our lists for different reasons.  Leave it to The New England Culinary Group to come up with a nice alternative,  Eating Stamford:  Uptown.

The good times will go down from 5/14-5/18/2012 and will not only feature prix fixe meals, but will also feature special food offers.  Another nice deal is getting a 15% off gift certificate that you can use at ANY participating Eating Stamford:  Uptown restaurant from 5/20-6/13, Sunday-Wednesday.  So, if you tapped into the 52 different drafts at Coalhouse on 5/15, you could check out Madonia a week or two later and save 15% percent.  Pretty sweet deal.

Here’s a list of the participating restaurants, special deals, and why we love them.


Bacco Restaurant & Pub

Chili Chicken

Coalhouse Pizza:  52 beers on tap, great pizza, 2011 OmNomy Winner Best Entertainment

Crab Shell

John the Baker

La Fontanella Ristorante

MacKenzies Bar and Grill

Madonia:  2011 OmNomy Winner Best Italian


Nick’s Pizza:  great classic Italian dishes, 2011 OmNomy Winner Best Delivery

Rico’s Pizza

Rizzuto’s:  great appetizers and antipasto

Royal Green

Spice Affaire

Tabouli Grill: excellent Israeli food!

Villa Italia Ristorante:  good pizza and great pasta

Vinny’s Backyard Restaurant:  great wings that need to be tried, especially the chipotle

Pizza Party in Connecticut as Fairfield County Pizza Shops Branch Out

23 Mar

Have you been stung? The stinger is a must have topping at Colony Grill!

Cult pizza worshippers across Connecticut, rejoice.  In fact, maybe lather up in some tomato sauce and sprinkle some cheese all over…it’s getting warm and toasty in here.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria, Colony Grill, Rico’s Pizza, and Pizzeria Rosso.  Two legendary pie makers and two newcomers to the scene, all vying for your pizza loving heart.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria

Frank Pepe Pizzeria in Danbury

Yes, there’s the original location in New Haven that people swear is the only authentic version, but there are other locations in Fairfield, Manchester, Mohegan Sun, Danbury, and even in Yonkers, NY.  That’s a pretty serious spread…when do you think they’ll open in Stamford or Norwalk? :)  People need their fix of white clam pizza, ya know?

Colony Grill

Also a legend in the Connecticut pizza scene is Colony Grill.  Colony Grill pizza started baking up in Stamford, but expanded into Fairfield, Avon, and will soon be in Milford!  Hot oil and stingers are the must add-on to ANY pie you order.  No plain pies allowed, remember?  Of the four, our favorite.

Riko’s Pizza

Rico’s Pizza…see the signature pock marks?

Despite the pizza-pilfering controversy when Riko’s first opened, they continue to thrive in Stamford and grow.  They have taken over the spot where Frascati was on Newfield Avenue, also in Stamford, and are open.  Despite our original review, we plan to try things out again now that Rico’s will only be a few minutes from our house.

Pizzeria Rosso

Pat Pascarella has been hard at work at his Norwalk Neapolitan pizza location.  He has garnered for himself quite the reputation for his pies, too.  So much, in fact, that he is expanding out into Greenwich and Bridgeport.  Pat told us on Super Bowl Sunday that he wanted to do something different, something more than pizza.  Well, now he’s got his chance!  CTbites has the info on what his new spots will be like.

Which of these four places is your favorite?  If your favorite cult pie isn’t on here, what is it?  Let us know!

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Locations

157 (and 163 “The Spot) Wooster Street in New Haven, CT
238 Commerce Drive in Fairfield, CT 
221 Buckland Hills Drive in Manchester, CT
1 Mohegan Sun Boulevard in Uncasville, CT
59 Federal Road in Danbury, CT
1955 Central Park Avenue in Yonkers, NY

Colony Grill Locations

172 Myrtle Avenue in Stamford, CT
1520 Post Road in Fairfield, CT
315 West Main Street in Avon, CT
36-38 Broad Street in Milford, CT

Rico’s Pizza Locations

170 Selleck Street in Stamford, CT

581 Newfield Avenue in Stamford, CT (May 22, 2012 opening)

Pizzeria Rosso Locations

4 New Canaan Ave in Norwalk, CT
960 Main Street in Bridgeport, CT  
???? in Greenwich, CT (not open yet)

Colony Grill in Stamford now delivering for lunch and accepting credit cards! #ftw

2 Nov

Sausage, hot oil, stingers, cherry peppers, and onions at Colony Grill

Now hear this, now hear this:

Colony Grill in Stamford, the original, is going to deliver to Stamford businesses and offices from 11-3 pm starting 11/7/11.  This Monday!

Also, they want to let you know that your requests for credit card purchases hasn’t gone to “deaf ears.”  You are now able to use your credit card at Colony Grill.

We took that, ran with it, then tweeted.  Yeah, we got a riot on our hands.  It kinda felt like when Harold Camping told us the world would be over and we said, yeah, sure dude…whatever.  Well, the world ain’t over Omnomivores!

Also, there is a projected opening date of 1/15/12 for Colony Grill in Avon, CT!

Just to refresh your memories, here’s our two posts on Colony Grill:

Pizza so damn good, even pizza fascists can’t deny it. Colony Grill–Stamford, CT

Does Rico’s pwn Colony or are they just n00bs? Rico’s Pizza – Stamford, CT

Noms: 4.25
Cost: $$
Colony Grill
Address:  172 Myrtle Ave
Stamford, CT
Phone:  (203) 359-2184
Site:  http://colonygrill.com
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Colony-Grill/352619784407?sk=wall

Does Rico’s pwn Colony or are they just n00bs? Rico’s Pizza – Stamford, CT

14 Aug

Pie 1 from Rico's

If you have been reading the local papers, you probably noticed that Colony Grill (our review here)  hasn’t been too happy with Rico’s Pizza.  According to an ad that Colony put out in the papers, Rico’s has stolen the Colony Grill recipe.  How did Rico’s get their hands on the recipe, you ask?  Jeff Morganteen from the Stamford Advocate wrote in a recent article, “The former employees, father and son Walter and Jonathan Martinez, worked in the Colony Grill kitchen and in June helped Stamford resident Rico Imbrogno open a new pizza place serving near-exact replicas of Colony’s thin-crust bar pies, complete with “stinger” hot peppers and its signature hot oil. Walter Martinez worked at Colony for more than a decade before being fired last year.”

Sausage, hot oil, stingers, cherry peppers, and onions at Colony Grill

Lines have been out the door at Rico’s, thanks to Colony Grill’s ads, claiming that Rico’s is nothing but a chump.  Really, was that a smart marketing move?  Draw more attention to your competition and make them more popular than a NASCAR hat at Walmart?  Well, Rico’s was already on our list of spots to try, but this definitely bumped it up on our priority list.  We tried to get delivery for three nights, but after an hour of continuous busy signals each night, we gave up and hoped for next time.  Well, lucky us, got through last week and got delivery.  Why was it so hard to get a call through?  A person on Urbanspoon actually saw a manager take the phone off the hook when it was too busy.  Maybe that’s why? :)  As if those days of trying wasn’t frustrating enough,our pizza took an hour and 50 minutes to reach our doorsteps. #FAIL

Now, to get the pwn vs. n00b comparison review, we ordered the same exact pizzas that we had at Colony.

Pie 1:  Sausage, hot oil, stingers, cherry peppers, and onions.

Pie 2:  Meatball, peppers, hot oil, and black olives.

Pie 2 from Rico's

The first thing that we noticed was that the cheese-to-sauce ratio was off. It was barely there, and what sauce was there was killed by all the cheese. In fact, the cheese was so loaded up on the pies it made weird pock-like lumps.  Colony had similar bubbles, but Rico’s are way more pronounced and solid. All in all, Colony’s pie had a better ratio with definitely more sauce and not too much cheese.

Meatball, pepper, hot oil, and black olive pie at Colony Grill in Stamford CT

Here too, pie 1 was our favorite because the spiciness of the hot oil and stingers kicked it up a few notches.  The sausage added a great contrast as well.  The ingredients were fresh and nicely cooked just like Colony,
but unlike Colony’s, the hot oil made the pizza soggy and floppy.  It’s kind of weird, but Colony’s pie was drowning in hot oil, yet stayed crisp.


Rico’s is good, but not great.  You can’t go in here expecting a pie just like Colony because there are noticeable differences. We know that we don’t want to be pizza fascits (remember the signs?), but it was just okay.  Service, in terms of delivery and experience, was far below what anyone would expect from delivery.  They do get some extra points, though, for also having wedges, wraps, salads, and empanadas.  Empanadas?  Yeah, weird, we know.  We’d love to give it another go by stopping by and getting a pie right out of the oven, but for now we’d rather head to ZAZA, Remo’s, Capriccio, Colony, Tappo, or Coalhouse Pizza.

Noms: 3.25

Cost: $$

Address: 170 Selleck Street

Stamford, CT

Phone: (203) 674-8970

Site:  http://www.ricospizzaonline.com/index.html

Rico's Pizza on Urbanspoon

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