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Riko’s Pizza Opens New Hope Street Spot . . . with a Bar!

10 Oct

Stamford is no stranger to pizza joints, especially when you count ’em up on Hope Street. Misto, Vinny’s Backyard, Amore, Springdale Pizza, Hope Pizza, Pappas, Papa John’s (gag), and even (double gag) Domino’s. But now there’s another place for Stamfordites and Springdalers to go: Riko’s Pizza. Their new restaurant is loacted at 886 Hope Street and is right next to Bank of America and is directly across from the Springdale train station. Park on the road (bring quarters) or in their newly paved lot to the left of the restaurant. Their newest spot is replacing their 581 Newfield Avenue location.

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Riko’s Pizza Expanding from Stamford into Norwalk

1 Nov

Update:  now open!

Whatever side you are on of the pizza wars in Stamford and Connecticut, we can all agree about one thing: ehermerged pizza is good. You might be a Pepe’s lover, a Colony fascist, a Bar addict, or even a Riko’s junkie.  Note:  they used to be called Rico’s Pizza, but are now Riko’s Pizza…same pizza.

Sausage, hot oil, stingers, onions, and cherry pepper pie at Riko’s Pizza in Stamford

Well, if you can’t get enough of your Riko’s Pizza, you will have another option. Along with their Selleck Street and Newfield Ave. locations in Stamford, you’ll soon be able to get your Riko’s fix in Norwalk too. They will be located at 345 Main Ave. and will feature take out and delivery.  With such a highly trafficked street, Riko’s could give Letizia’s and other pizza places in the area a run for their money.

What’s your favorite pizza place in the area?  Shout it out, punks.

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