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Help! Catch the Chair Thief at SoNo Baking Company in Westport, CT!

16 Jul

Smile. You’re on OmNomCT and it’s just a matter of time before you’re caught.

One thing that OmNomCT can’t stand is people messing with the beautiful goodness of food, especially SoNo Baking Company.  Just last week (July 8), this denizen of the night pulled up to SoNo Baking Company’s Westport location around 7:08 pm.  He worked by himself, putting those precious chairs into his car, also pictured below.  If you can help find this person, get his name, or can help get these chairs back, you’ll get a $100 SoNo Baking Co. gift card.  Please help spread the word and find him.  Let us know (we won’t take your reward) or let SoNo Baking Co. know by calling (203) 955-1111.

He’s obviously never had the food here.

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