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Lend a Helping Paw by Eating out Brazilian Style at Rodizio Grill in Stamford, CT

31 Jul

Hey, we’re fans of pets of all shapes and sizes…and food of all shapes and sizes.  Well, the good people at Rodizio Grill and Paws of Norwalk have brought both together.  Stop by Rodizio in Stamford on August 9, from 4-10 pm, and you’ll help raise money for the good cats and dogs of Connecticut.

Just a recap if you haven’t read our amazingly detailed bite-by-bite guide to Rodizio a while back:


Chris, the most awesome gaucho, serves up parmesan sirloin

• Rodizio Grill is a Brazilian steakhouse with flair
• You can order the salad bar that comes with their fun apps
• You can order The Full Rodizio that comes with an endless array of meat, the salad bar, and their fun apps
• Start the parade of meat by flipping your cue over so the green shows on top
• Gauchos will come by with meat upon meat until you flip over to red
• When you surrender and you’re ready for dessert, lay your cue down flat

So, here’s what Rodizio is doing to help:

1) When you get an adult meal, they’ll donate $5 to Paws.

2) When you get a kid’s meal, they’ll donate $2 to Paws.

3) When you get Danny’s favorite drink at Rodizio, the Caipirinha, they’ll donate $3.

Are you impressed?  No bad dog or cat jokes in this entire post!  Guess we’re getting old.

Have you ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse? 

What kind of pets do you have at home?  We’ve got a crazy Boston/Jack Russel mix named Maynard and two cats named Marley and Marshall.  Maynard likes to chew lightly on their heads to provoke them into playing.


Noms:  3.75
Cost: $$$
Address: 5 Broad Street (next to Target)
                 Stamford, CT
Phone: 203.964.9177
Monday – Thursday:  Lunch: 11am-4pm and Dinner: 4pm-10pm
Friday – Saturday:  Lunch: 11am-4pm and Dinner: 4pm-11pm
Sunday:  Lunch: 11am-4pm and Dinner: 4pm-10pm

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A “Mishmash” of French Food, Fresh Ingredients, and Juicy Awesomeness. Meli-melo- Greenwich, CT

11 Jun

Kristien’s parents came down from Upstate NY to visit during the Memorial Day weekend.  We always feel so much pressure to take them to the best of the best restaurants, you know?  For breakfast we’ve taken them to so many diners before and other American spots, but never to a French restaurant…and certainly not to a creperie! Well, Méli-Mélo has been in our sites for a long time, so it was ’bout time to do some eating!

As you enter, you can see the place is hopping and there’s plenty of room for people to sit.  We were given a nice round table by the AC (hell yes, ‘cuz it was hot) and were given the menu.  Oh, the menu, always a dilemma,  but worse here because the menu is a meli-melo (mishmash in French) of amazing tastes and ingredients.  We knew, at least, we wanted coffee and some freshly made juice to start.

The coffee was black and strong:  just the way we like it!  The juices are made right at the kitchen counter, so you can see how fresh the ingredients are.  Even the list of juices can be overwhelming.  I had ginger/orange/pineapple.  The ginger gave it a nice kick and brought a foaminess, while the orange and pineapple gave it a nice sweetness.  The good thing here is that they don’t add sugar and fake stuff into their juices. The flavors really pop because of this.

The crepes were even more challenging to order because there are different types like Wheat, Buckwheat, and Flambees.   Also, multiply that by all the different ingredients inside each crepe and you’ve got 49 different orders (yes, I counted).  Also, if you check Foursquare for tips, some customers have even left their own favorite custom orders.  There are also homemade soups, salads, and sandwiches available, too.  Damn, I’d hate to be a waiter here…too much to keep track of!

Well, enough talk,  Let’s get down to business.  I had the Sopressata Crepe.  A fluffy pillowy crepe, full of flavor, lays down on the plate, ready for you, calling to you.  On top is a teepee of mozzarella, capers, cured olives, mesclun salad, dried cured meat, and dressing.  All the flavors worked very well together and made for great contrasts.  The olives and capers, for example, drew on the light and fresh dressing.  This crepe was great and I would order it again and savor it again, over and over, bit by bit.

Kristien’s Ciabatta Sandwich was also a brunchy treat with a nice serving of ooey-gooey, soft brie, mesclun salad, juicy tomatoes, roasted red peppers in a fresh-baked doughy ciabatta bun, topped with crispy bacon. Kristien (and her mom) really enjoyed this sandwich, though Kristien would’ve liked just a little more dressing. Otherwise, she said it was perfect.

The final word on Méli-Mélo is that there’s lots of return visit value here.  You could, theoretically, come back here for a few months straight and try something new every time…or you could just keep ordering Sopresatta Crepes.  Even cooler?  Méli-Mélo will soon be opening for breakfast from 6:30-11:30!

Noms:  3.75

Cost:  $$ (Expensive for breakfast, but not too bad)

Address:  362 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
Phone:  (203) 629-6153
Site:  http://www.melimelogreenwich.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/MeliMeloCrepes
Meli-Melo on Urbanspoon
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