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Fundraisers for Sandy Hook Elementary @ Bridge Street Wienery, Bar Q, and Black Bear in Stamford

18 Dec

In addition to the champagne fundraiser at Saugatuck Grain & Grape that we let you know about yesterday, we’ve just found out about two new fundraisers to help people affected by the tragedy that befell Newtown.  Here’s how you can get involved and help out by just eating and/or drinking up:

1) Check out Bridge Street Wienery in Stamford, where Benny’s Fast Break used to be.  They’ve got great hot dogs with countless combos and more.  Specifically visit them on 12/28 and you’ll see 26% of all sales go towards the Newtown Memorial Fund.  26% represents the 26 innocent lives that were taken away within a short span of time on 12/14/12.

2) Come by Bar Q BBQ or Black Bear Saloon in Downtown Stamford from 5-10 PM on 12/20.  When you donate $10, you’ll get a wristband, and in return you’ll receive $3 well drinks.  In addition, the staff has come together and will be donating ALL of their tips during the fundraiser.  Both places will also have free buffets set up.  All the proceeds from Thursday night will be donated to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund care of Newtown Savings Bank.

Do you know of any other special fundraisers going on in Stamford or anywhere else in Connecticut?  Please share here by leaving a comment and spread the good word.  We’ll add them below here.

Never underestimate how big of an effect that you can have on helping others.  Never.

A Message from Rebecca Sullivan and the Newtown PTA/PTSA:

My name is Rebecca and I grew up down the street from Sandy Hook School. My parents still live there and i along with my 3 siblings all attended the school.

I have a former classmate who has put together a Healing Center providing different therapies for those affected by the horrible shooting (all at no cost, obviously). During that time, a friend and i are providing food and drinks for all those who come in to use the services. We are thinking of tea and other spirit-lifting and healing food and drinks. If anyone wants to either donate tea or food, or to take a shift serving this over the weekend in Newtown, please contact me- rebecca_sullivan@conair.com.

In addition to that project, there are many other ways to give (as organized by the PTAs in Newtown):

1. Let’s Give Sandy Hook School a Winter Wonderland”

Snowflake Drive – Like our children, no two snowflakes are alike. We invite you to create snowflakes to decorate Sandy Hook School’s new home. Be creative! All colors and designs are welcome. We know that children will enjoy creating art that can adorn the walls of SHS’s new elementary school. CT PTSA has been contacted from schools across the state and this is a project we can all share. “Snowflake” drop boxes will be available at all schools or can be mailed to: Connecticut PTSA, 60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103, Hamden, CT 06514

2. Sandy Hook School Fund — Many people are looking to help by making a donation. Please be cautious before contributing money and make sure the fund is legitimate. With the help of CT PTSA, we have created the “Sandy Hook School Fund” and donations will be accepted through CTPTA.ORG . You can pay online or send a check to Connecticut PTSA, 60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103, Hamden, CT 06514 (if online contributing is made available, we will let you know). No fees are charged and all monies raised will go directly to help Sandy Hook School and Newtown. The beauty of this fund is that we can designate its use farther down the road, when we can determine where it will do the most good for the families of SHS and our town.

Newtown PTA/PTSAs thank both the CT PTSA and National PTA for their support at this time. Soon the media attention will fade and we will continue to support each other in private. We love Newtown and our wonderful families. Don’t hesitate to contact your local PTA/PTSA officers with any of your concerns; we are here for you and each other.

Newtown PTA/PTSAs

Operation:  Friendship

Operation:  Friendship is collecting green and white friendship bracelets for the children at Newtown to know they are thought of and loved.  All info is here.

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