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Please Nominate OmNomCT in Saveur’s Best Food Blog Awards Contest

6 Mar


Running OmNomCT is no easy gig.

We cull through countless events, e-mails, social media networks, and sites each day to bring you some of the best food events and news of Fairfield County.  We spend hours researching and writing about beer, chefs, and restaurants, too.  And, we put days of work into our reviews to make them not only enjoyable to read, but also critical, honest, and a trusted resource.

We don’t sell ads, we don’t profit from our blog or our readers.  We write and keep up OmNomCT for you, so you know about great places and events here in Fairfield County…and we do it because you deserve the honest truth about restaurants and where you should go to spend your hard-earned money.  Selfishly, we must admit, we also love to write.

So, if you think it’s pretty awesome for just two people to run, write, edit, and promote a site with such a large reach and influence, please nominate us for Saveur’s Best Regional Cuisine Blog and Best Writing portions of the Saveur Best Food Blog Awards.

Just click on the link here by March 14 (but why wait?), enter our addy (https://omnomct.wordpress.com), click on Best Regional Cuisine Blog and Best Writing, give a few reasons why you like us, and just fill out your name and e-mail.  It takes one or two minutes to fill out.

So, thanks for your OmNomination if you can help out and, most of all, thanks for all your support since we began.  You all are the reason why OmNomCT has become so great and successful!

–Dan and Kristien

Vote OmNomCT Best Regional Cuisine Blog and Best Writing

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