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Craft, a beer documentary, special viewing at Captain Lawrence Brewery in Elmsford

30 May

Craft beer.  It’s about independence, it’s about passion, it’s about breaking boundaries, and it’s about—most importantly—great beer.  Over the past few years, the demand for craft beer has skyrocketed, putting the big guys like Bud and Miller into a panic over slumping sales.  While they responded with big name brands that look like small name craft brewery brands, the true, artisan, craft beer industry is immense and still remains a force to be reckoned with.  Yeah, you could call it a craft beer revolution.

Craig Noble, filmmaker and Cicerone via ©Darko Sikman Photography

And, that’s where Craft, a brand new documentary from filmmaker Craig Noble comes in.  First of all, it explores the rise of craft breweries across America.  And, it also highlights some of the key players, brewers like Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin, and beer-visionaries with behind-the-keg peeks at what makes them tick and keeps them producing beer that continues to wow and amaze.

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Beer Review: St. Vincent’s Dubbel – Captain Lawrence Brewery, NY

27 Apr

Photo by Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro, OmNomCT

So, look.  We already drink beer a few times a week and we love discovering new local beers and breweries, so we had a beerpiphany:  why not share a local beer we liked every once in a while?  We’re going to keep it short, simple, and to the point.  We’ll hit up the vital stats (as long as we can find them), the tasting notes, where we bought the bottle, and anything else we find along the way.  Enjoy and let us know if there’s a beer you’d like for us to drink and cover.


Beer: St. Vincent’s Dubbel

Brewery: Captain Lawrence Brewery in Elmsford, NY

Style: Belgian Style Abbey Ale.  Simply put, this means that the beer is similar in style to beer produced by monks.  Trappist beers are certified, while Abbey Ales don’t necessarily need to come from a monastery as is the case here.  As for the dubbel, that refers to beer made at abbeys that were malty, rich, and were light on hops that ended up being twice as strong…hence, dubbel.

Color and appearance:  the beer settles down to a nice dark caramel brown.  A foamy head forms, but quickly settles down to about fingernail length.

Smell: caramel, dark chocolate, and malts

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Beer Ahoy! Captain Lawrence Brewing Company – Pleasantville, NY

24 Aug

Update:  Captain Lawrence Brewing Company is now open in their new home in Elmsford, NY.

The last time we stopped by a brewery, we spent an hour at New England Brewing Company. That was a great time and we loved the beer there. Now, we had heard about Captain Lawrence Brewing Company a while back, but never seemed to be available on a Saturday to check it out. The gods of hops and brew intervened for us and we made our way into Pleasantville, NY. Just a few minutes off of 287, it’s not that far of a drive.

A brewista hard at work

We were immediately amazed because of how busy and noisy it was before we even entered. Here’s why, we figured out: on Saturdays, brewistas give out nice sized samples of their signature beers. Now, don’t mess things up, because there’s a very specific way to taste the beer. Along the L shaped bar, at the part facing the door, you can walk up and buy kegs for around 10 bucks, or around 13 if you don’t have a growler. This is NOT where you order your samples, though. Walk up to the long part of the bar, ask to try the flight of beers, light to dark we suggest. When you get your beer, promptly move the hell out of the way.

Each time we had a beer, we walked around the brewery and looked at the machinery, the vats, and the fun decorations. Lots of people were around, chatting, having a great time. It’s definitely a great place to be and a great place to take some friends.

Beers on tap:

Healthy size sample of beer…FREE!

Kölsch-Very light beer, easy to go down. Great as a summer beer, straw in color.

Liquid Gold-Belgian Pale Ale with more body than the Kölsch. Kristien loved this one and I liked it too. Great smell, with a body to die for: hints of clove and citrusy goodness. Light to medium.

Freshchester Pale Ale-American Pale Ale in style, this is Captain Lawrence’s most popular beer. Medium body APA that’s a bit bitter–that’s fun to say.

Imperial Reserve Imperial IPA-Enjoy this puppy with some nice, thick, and heavy flavors like BBQ. Clocking in at an impressive 9% ABV (18 proof for your noobs), it’s a strong one so go easy…or don’t. You definitely get that distinct piny taste here. To me, it’s more of a beer to drink with food, rather than by itself.

Pleasantville Smoked Porter-My fave, without a doubt. Nice and thick, heavy, with definite flavors of coffee swishing around. A great porter that really had the smokiness up front in the taste.

Golden Delicious-Kristien’s favorite, not mine. In terms of being one-of-a-kind, this beer wins. It’s an American Tripel, with Amarillo hops and aged in Apple Brandy barrels. Golden Delicious has a wonderful, unique smell. She says it’s like drinking an apple. There’s a strong, liquorish finish at the end that gently slaps you.

Also, keep eyes and ears out because Scott Vaccaro, brewer/owner/awesome guy likes to travel around and have beer dinners. Just recently, he stopped by Stamford’s own Coalhouse Pizza for a pig roast. Also, click here to see where you can get a brew at a restaurant if you can’t get to the brewery to buy 20 growlers and need a quick fix. By bottle, we’ve seen Captain Lawrence on the shelf at BevMax, our mecca for all things hops related. Fairway in Stamford also has a killer selection of beer, but not sure if they have Captain Lawrence.

Address:  444 Saw Mill River Road

Elmsford NY

Tuesday – Friday: Retail 2pm (no samples); Samples served 4 pm to 7 pm.
Saturday: Retail and samples 12 to 6 pm.
$2 for the tasting glass, free samples with glass.
July 4th and July 5th:

Site: http://www.captainlawrencebrewing.com

FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Captain-Lawrence-Brewing-Company/85430524453

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