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Chefs at Bar Sügo + Chocopologie Swap Kitchens for Contest

10 Jan

Postponed…will update when we get more info. 

While we’ve been to Chocopologie many times and have feasted upon their chocolates just as much, we have yet to hit up Bar Sügo.  This new restaurant on Wall Street is run by Chef Pasquale Pascarella and has been creating quite the buzz lately and is on our “to-eat list.”  While one of their major selling points has been a great variety of meatballs, the rest of the menu (which changes often) looks inspired, fresh, and creative.

Well, Pat (Pasquale) thought of a great idea…to hold an “Artisan Iron Chef” dinner that involved Fairfield Cheese Company, Bar Sügo, Saugatuck Craft Butchery, and Saugatuck Grain & Grape.  That dinner, to be held on 1/21 was quickly sold out.  But, fret not.  Seeing the success of that dinner, he’s thought of another great idea…Chef Swap.

The chef swap involves Pat and Fritz Knipschildt of Chocopologie.  On February 18 25 (changed to a week later), Fritz will take over the kitchen of Bar Sügo with Pat as his sous chef.  Then, on February 19 26, Pat takes over Chocopologie in Norwalk with Fritz as his sous chef.  That seems a bit too easy, right?  Of course…too easy.  So, they’ve thrown in a catch.  Both Pat and Fritz will be picking a secret ingredient for the other chef to cook a four course dinner with.  If you need two judges, Pat and Fritz, we know two people who write a certain blog about food in Fairfield County who are interested!  Hint, hint, wink, wink, nod, nod.

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