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Shakesbeer Festival 2014: To Thine Own Yeast Be True!

24 Jun

A festival by any other name just ain’t cool ’nuff

Last year, we graced you with our Shakesbeerian musings in honor of the first ever Shakesbeer Festival. And, alas, we shall share more verse (you’re welcome):

Thou likest foam?

Thou likest foam?

“One sip of beer makes the whole world kin.”

“To thine own yeast be true, and it must follow, as the ale to the stout, thou canst not be false to any beer.”

“Budweiser is the curse of God; craft beer is the wing therewith we fly to heaven.”

“Pleasure and beer make the hours seem short.”

So, what is The Shakesbeer Festival, you ask?  A festival (the 2nd annual) built around great beer, live music, and craft food, put together to help raise money to reopen The American Shakespeare Theater in Stratford.  Tickets are $40 for this year’s event at The American Shakespeare Theater in Stratford on August 23 from 1-7pm.  Tickets can be purchased now, so why wait?  For more details, check out our post from last year and their site).


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Shakesbeer Festival Celebrates CT Beer, Food, Music and Theatre

6 Aug

Hath not a brew hops?

Hath not a brew malts, barley, IBUs, ABVs?

If you drink us,

are you not quenched?

William Shakesbeer, Merchant of Ales

O Bromeo, Bromeo! wherefore art thou Bromeo?

Deny thy beer and refuse thy thirst;

Or, if thou wilt not, be but parched my love,

And I’ll no longer be a Beer-guzzler.

William Shakesbeer, Bromeo and Juliet

Out, damned beer!  no more, I say!

One; two:  why, then, ’tis time to refill.

The beer is murky.

Fie, my bro, fie! a bartender, and a draft spout?

William Shakesbeer, MacGuinness

Double, double IPA, a double;

fire burn, and wort bubble.

William Shakesbeer, MacGuinness

To drink, or not to drink, —there is no question:—

Whether ’tis better at the bar to suffer

The wait times and costs of outrageous fortune

Or to lift a glass to a growler of beer,

and by drinking finish it?  To drink, to sleep, —

William Shakesbeer, Porklet

Ride the Lightning! (Please don't sue us Lars)

While William Shakesbeer might not have changed the face of the world, it’s clear to see the influence that William Shakespeare’s plays and poetry have had.  He took drama and comedy in new directions and you can see strains of his plays in movies even today.  And, chances are, you have a local Shakespeare company that performs some of his plays during the summer.  Did you know, though, that Stratford has the American Shakespeare Theatre?  But, here’s the problem…it’s been closed for about 30 years and they just can’t seem to gather the funds to reopen.  Well, now it’s the right time to do something about it!  And, all you’ll have to do is buy a ticket to the Shakesbeer Festival!

The Shakesbeer Festival is on 8/17 from 4-8 pm, is $75 $50 per person, and that includes a tasting glass, beer, food, and live music.  Starting off, we were told by event director Steve Bilodeau (Beer Manager) of Wines Unlimited that all CT breweries will be represented through the help of the CT Beer Guild.  For food, you’ll have Cowabunga food truck, Vazzy’s, and Paradise Island along with a selection of seafood from local purveyors.  And, for entertainment, you’ll be happy to hear that the first winner of NBC’s The Voice, Javier Colon (CT native), will be on hand and will be singing!

All profits that are made through this event will be donated to the Stratford Art’s Council.  From there, they’ll being the process of restoration and reopening of the American Shakespeare Theatre.  We hope you’ll be able to make the Shakesbeer Festiva and would like to thank Steven for talking with us about this event that he is so passionate about.  Also, we’d like to thank Leslie Reiter of Two Roads (say hi to her in the beer truck) for bringing this event to our attention.

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