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Gift-mas-khuh Day 6: Farm2Jars No-Grain-Ola Granola – Ridgefield, CT

7 Dec

We’ve been Twitter friends with Rosemary Morretta for a few years now and she’s always been a big supporter of our blog. We’d post something, invariably, she’d share it or offer her enthusiasm especially when a blog post had to do with farms, or anything green. And there’s good reason for that: Rosemary is on the board of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut (CT NOFA). Their mission is “Advocating for organic food, farming, gardening and land care in Connecticut, connecting people in the local sustainable food and land care movements with organic resources and education.”  So, one day a few months back she shared with us that she and her friend Debra Sloane were going to start their own business called Farm2Jars.

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