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Gardening Tips and Seed Swap Schindig with Slow Food Shoreline @ Luck + Levity Brewshop

25 Apr
Do you think someone will bring seeds for a money tree?

Do you think someone will bring seeds for a money tree?

Whatca planting in your garden this year?  The same tomatoes, peppers, and zukes…or will you be trying new things?  Or, will this be the year you finally get your act together and start your own backyard garden?  Whatever your skill level or needs, there’s a great event that Slow Food Shoreline is hosting on May 4 from 2-6 at Luck & Levity Brewshop in New Haven.  Consider it Home Gardening 101 along with a Seed/Seedling Swapping opportunity.  Please help out Slow Food Shorelines by registering here (it’s free, but donations to their summer education program will be kindly welcomed) so they know how many people will be coming.  Also, please feel free to bring whatever drinks you’d like, though the more local the better.  Perfect choice?  New England Brewing Co, right down 95 in Woodbridge!

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To do: CT vineyard and brewery bus tour with tastings from Slow Food Shoreline

9 May

How do you like your food?  Slow with a heaping of healthy local goodness?  That’s basically the mantra of Slow Food Shoreline, a chapter of the larger Slow Food USA organization.  According to the SFS site:

“Slow Food Shoreline’s mission is to promote cooking and nutritional education, with a focus on using local ingredients, to improve the health of the region. Our focus is on teaching scratch cooking using whole ingredients, with an additional focus on fresh, local, and seasonal products. We believe that teaching core cooking skills and encouraging a love of food and cooking, is the best way for participants to sustain what they’ve learned and change eating habits long term, as well as become better informed consumers. Through cooking demonstrations, tastings, cooking classes, and other food education opportunities, we’ll provide the community with the confidence, knowledge, and motivation to build healthy and delicious food habits.”

We definitely are on board with this and think a focus on “slow” cooking from scratch and on local ingredients elevate not only the taste of the food, but also is pretty zen and meditative.  If you can’t find yourself and your center by baking a batch of brownies or preparing a roast, you’re doing it wrong!

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Hey, Live Green Connecticut! Eco-friendly Festival Recycled Again in Norwalk.

29 Aug

After just coming back from Seattle and Portland, we were amazed at all the amazing advances they have made in terms of keeping things green and keeping things real.  Almost everywhere you went to eat you’d see bins to recycle and bins to compost.  Yes, compost!  Also, breweries give away their used up grains to local farms for the animals.  One last amazing thing that we witnessed was awesome trash compactors set up all around the food carts.  Turns out by compacting the food (btw, the utensils and packages are also compostable), garbage trucks barely need to do any pick ups.  Pretty wild stuff.

We thought how amazing Connecticut would be if we started to change our living and make great choices for the environment.  Well, the Live Green Connecticut! festival is taking place on 9/15 (10-4 pm) and 9/16  (11-4 pm) at Taylor Farm Park in Norwalk and hopes to bring changes like the ones we’ve mentioned..and more.  Admission is free, but parking your car is $5 so just make sure you bring some dinero.  (Well, you’ll want to bring mucho more dinero for all the great food and shops that will be there, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.)  So, start up the Prius and carpool with all your buds and family on down so you can figure out new ways to make Connecticut greener. Continue reading

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