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Gimme S’more: 4 S’mores Recipes for a Killer Backyard Party

10 Aug
Elvis has left the building and is just about to enter our bellies. Photo from Robin Selden

Elvis has left the building and is just about to enter our bellies. Photo from Robin Selden

You haven’t had any kind of good summer until you’ve busted out the fire pit or grill to make some S’mores. And, like the good people they are, Marcia Selden Catering has gone ahead and given us four recipes that will help you to elevate your dessert level from n00b to expert in no time flat. So, let’s take you through these recipes, one delicious bite at a time:

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Free S’mores 4 National S’mores Day at Stamford Museum + Nature Center

2 Aug

Who doesn’t love S’mores? Seriously, is there a person alive who doesn’t? Photo from SM&NC

Can you go wrong with a S’more?  It’s chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow together in fluffy, melty, crispy goodness.  And while that’s a classic, there are still tons of variations with people using nutella instead of chocolate or using oreo cookies instead of graham crackers.  But, there’s something amazing about a classic, and this classic in particular.  That’s why Stamford Museum & Nature Center is celebrating National S’mores Day on 8/9 from 4-5 pm.  While the actual national holiday doesn’t begin until 8/10, SM&NC wanted to get a head start and kick off the weekend the right way.  Just pay your regular entrance fee (or go in if you’re a member) and head over to their meadow from 4-5 and you’ll be able to build and roast your own S’mores!  When you’re there, you’ll definitely have to check out the brand new baby piglets and snap some shots of the famous Kathie Lee and Hoda goats.  Plus, there are a ton of other animals to gaze upon as well as an entire farm to explore.

Oh, did we mention that there will be S’mores?


Adults: $10
Seniors (65+): $8
Students (18+): $6 (with valid ID)
Children (4-17) $5
Members – Free
Children 3 and under: Free

39 Scofieldtown Road
Stamford, CT 06903

Eat for Equity Stamford’s Inaugural Meal for Kids In Crisis: Childhood Faves

7 Oct

When you think about the stress at work, the chores that need finishing, taking care of the children, walking the dog, paying taxes, and any other thing that it means to be an adult, don’t you wish you could just become a kid again?  Eat for Equity Stamford must have read our minds.  Their first meal in Stamford will be an amazing meal on 10/20, full of twists on childhood favorites.  Yes, those meals that you crave and you just “need” to have.  Those kind of meals that make you happy and boost up your spirits.  The kind of meals that make you feel like a kid again.  In no coincidence at all, the charity they are supporting with this meal is Kids In Crisis.  You can sign up to be an eater, a chef, a meal helper, or to even put events together by clicking here.  When you go, a $15-20 donation would be great, though we’re sure they’d accept more from you.  

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Tomato basil soup
  • Gourmet grilled cheese
  • Butternut squash mac and cheese
  • Homemade apple tarts
  • S’mores

As a refresher course, here’s info from our previous post to help you understand E4E’s mission:

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