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Stamford, Connecticut to Get Its Own Foursquare Badge! #thecitythatchecksin

8 Feb

Some of the 51 badges Dan's holding down! Note Sexiest Man Alive badge ;)

Update:  click here to find out how to unlock the Stamford Savvy badge.  

People, especially CTbites, debate where the best place to get food in Fairfield County is.  We argued, hands down, Stamford.  Plain and simple:  Stamford.  Well, need proof?

Foursquare has picked us (we’re Stamfordites) for one of five brand new city based badges.  Yup, rolling out pretty soon, after your checkin to Casa Villa, Zaza, Napa & Co, Coalhouse Pizza, Colony Grill, Columbus Park, Madonia, or Vinny’s Backyard, you’ll get a pretty sweet badge.  There’s more places that we love, but we can’t list them all here.  But…this might help.

We don’t have details yet on how you’ll earn the badge, but it will probably be a simple location based checkin.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO UNLOCK!  So, keep visiting our fine city, eating our food, drinking at our bars, roaming our streets, clearing off store shelves, and making Stamford the awesome place that it is.  We’ll update this when we figure it out.

The other cities chosen are Baltimore, Maryland; Richmond, Virginia; Des Moines, Iowa; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Go CT!  Adding these five badges will add to the additional city badges that are already out there for you to earn.

Check out the official announcement here and tell us what you think of that picture of the pizza.  It’s from a certain Zaza Gastrobar taken by a certain couple who was doing a post for CBS Connecticut for their Battle of the Brick Oven Pizzas post.  Holla!

Also check out David Klein, the awesome guy who started this by creating a list on Foursquare.  I’ve known him through checkins only, but now we’re now friends on Foursquare…aww, buds. :)

My badges.

Kristien’s badges.

What are some of your favorite badges that you’ve earned?  What will you be doing in Stamford when you check in and earn this badge?  Why is Foursquare so damn addictive?  Let us know!

Some of Kristien's 51 Foursquare badges. Note she's married to Sexiest Man Alive badge winner.

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