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Spiked Seltzer: OmNomCT’s New Go-to Warm Weather Drink

14 May

West Indies Lime, their flagship “brew”

We had our first sips of Spikedseltzer from Boathouse Beverage at the Greenwich Wine & Food Festival this past October.  Our first impression of these new drinks was, wow…they can be dangerous.  While they are technically considered a beer and weigh in at 6%, you’d never know that either was true.  Spikedseltzer is technically called a beer because of the fermentation process of carefully selected sugars that it undergoes, though they don’t use any barley, wheat, hops, or other typical brewing ingredients.  Because of this, Spikedseltzer is gluten-free and it’s also low carb, netting just 5g of carbs per bottle.

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