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Get Your Own Taste of Half Full Brewery Bright Ale – Stamford, CT

7 Aug

Although Half Full Brewery, based out of Stamford, isn’t open for tours and tastings yet, you shouldn’t let that stop you from trying their Half Full Bright Ale.  Conor and co. from Half Full will be hitting up three restaurants in Stamford tonight.  They’ll be talking ’bout Half Full, the beer, and about their flagship Bright Ale.  For more info, check their site and also check our first article or our second detailed run through of Half Full with Conor himself. 

See and taste Half Full tonight:

Station Eats:  6 pm

Coalhouse Pizza:  7:30 pm

The Brickhouse Bar and Grille: 9 pm

If you can’t make it tonight, don’t worry.  The Bright Ale will be on tap at these spots, so make sure to come on by and try things out.  Also, keep up with Half Full and us to find out more about the opening that should be happening pretty soon. Here’s a map that Half Full is maintaining that lists off restaurants where you can get the good stuff:

Half Full Brewery

43 Homestead Avenue

Stamford, CT

website: www.halffullbrewery.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/halffullbrewery
twitter: http://twitter.com/halffullbrewery

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