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Local Change, One Meal at a Time: Eat for Equity Comes to Stamford, CT

6 Sep

How it all began…

Eat for Equity.  You can find them hard at work in Boston, Minneapolis, Portland, and the Ozarks…and soon you’ll find their ground-breaking, community-minded, locavore-loving, change-making meals in Stamford, Connecticut.  To understand Eat for Equity, you need to understand where it all began.  After witnessing the deadly tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, one of the founders of E4E put a New Orleans style meal together in order to raise money to help out.  Turns out, it was a huge success with 100 people attending.  As the dinners continued, the popularity grew and so did the money that was raised.  Their ideals and their approach to helping bring a fair shot and equity to the disadvantaged spread across the country and the next place on their stop:  The City that Works.

Who they’re helping

E4E helps puts meals together using local ingredients in order to raise money and awareness for groups that fight inequities in education, the environment, health, and opportunities. In addition, they will help local organizations to make short-term changes and to bring about change to the community to bring about self-sufficiency.  Check out all the non-profits that they’ve helped so far. 

The meals

From http://eatforequity.org

Here’s how it works: Continue reading

Fairway Market hosts fundraiser for officer who fell off bridge – Stamford, CT

8 Jul

Back in May, Officer Troy Strauser was responding to a high speed chase down 95.  When the chase began by foot, Officer Strauser took off after the suspect.  Not realizing the distance off the bridge, Strauser continued the chase.  Instead of continuing the chase, Officer Strauser fell about 20 feet.

Although he is now out of the hospital, the road ahead is paved with lots of obstacles.  He has to undergo physical therapy and the price tag of that (on top of the surgeries) is quite overwhelming.  So, in comes Fairway Market in Stamford to provide a fundraiser just for Troy.

The fundraiser is happening on July 11 from 4 pm to 9 pm in Fairway Market in Stamford.  When you enter the store, make sure to register for the fundraiser.  Go about your normal business of shopping through their amazing selection of cheese, coffee, olive oil, vinegar, meat, seafood, grocery items, and more.  Stock up on food, maybe even a month’s worth!  Check out, then simply give your registration form to the cashier.  From there, Fairway Market will donate a whopping 25% of sales from registered shoppers’ sales.  Imagine the difference you can make in Troy’s life when you just simply go food shopping.

Fairway Market
Address:  699 Canal St.
Stamford, CT 06902
Phone:  203.388.9815
Hours:  8AM-10PM
Site:  http://www.fairwaymarket.com/stamford.html

Our favorite burger joint comes to Stamford! New Beach Burger/Mr. Frosty’s Spot in Harbor Point.

28 May

A bacon wrapped hot dog with guacamole, pico de gallo, and jalapeno (Tijuana Dog) can soon be yours in Stamford!

Update:  Today and tomorrow are soft openings in preparation for Friday’s Grand Opening of Mr. Frosty’s!  Who’s in?  

Directions:  read the following question then choose the best answer.

1)  Add one part Mr. Frosty’s in Norwalk, mix in a second part The Beach Burger, then dash in some Harbor Point Stamford and guess what you get?

A) A ridiculously, magically delicious restaurant that rivals the awesomeness of unicorns.

B) Another reason to visit Stamford.

C) Another reason to be alive.

D) All of the above.

If you are any good at these kinds of questions, you picked D.  Let’s show you why D is correct. Restaurant owner, Anthony Luciani gave us the exclusive scoop:

Anthony Luciani has the magic touch.  Mr. Frosty’s, on 6 1st Street in Norwalk, has a devoted following and we’ve never seen it empty.  Maybe it’s the 3o or so hard ice cream, sherbert, and sorbert flavors, or maybe it’s their soft serve and froyo options, their bountiful sundaes, or their thick whipped razzles?  Nah, couldn’t be.

But even more magical is his other joint, The Beach Burger, right next door.  They are the 2011 OmNomy Winner for Best Burger.  It’s hard to go wrong here:  from the Bynum Burger, to the classic Beach Burger, to an oyster-laden Surf & Turf Burger.  But, they also have some killer hot dogs, such as the Tijuana dog that has a bacon wrapped wiener, guacamole, jalapenos, and pico de gallo.  Our other favorite thing to order are their killer milkshakes.  Apple Pie, PB&J, and Nut Crusher are our great loves that we dream of as we go to sleep.  Plus, they’ve got some really great seafood dishes Kristien raves about like lobster, oyster and clam rolls.

So, why have I told you so much about both spots?

Well, if the title and the first question didn’t already give it away, both will come together in Anthony’s new spot on 100 Washington Boulevard in the Harbor Point part of Stamford.  It’s a very similar set up to Mr. Frosty’s in Norwalk:  you’ll walk up to the window, place your order, then take your food and take a seat at one of the picnic benches outside.  Don’t limit yourself, though.  Just walk about a block and you’ll be right on the docks and can stroll along and chomp on a burger, sip on a shake, or tackle a monster sundae.

You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful spring, summer, and fall with them because they’ll be open from March through November, too. Anthony is still tweaking the menu a bit, but you’ll have nearly all the same options from The Beach Burger in your gluttonous arsenal as well as pretty much all the ice creams from Mr. Frosty’s.

Mr. Frosty’s/The Beach Burger

100 Washington Boulevard

Stamford, CT

Monday – Thursday 8:30 am – 10:00pm

Friday – Saturday 8:30 am to 11:00pm

Sunday 11:00 am-10:00pm

Mr. Frosty's - Stamford on Urbanspoon

A World of Flavors, Local Flare @ Harlan Social – Stamford (Harbor Point), CT

23 May

What to look forward to:  all photos by Evan Sung

Grand Opening – Tuesday, August 7th!
– Lunch service begins Wednesday, August 8th
– Brunch service begins Sunday, August 12th

Executive Chef Stephen Lewandowski has been all across the world, and has honed his culinary skills at some of the best restaurants in NYC.  We’re talking about Executive Chef at restaurants such as Tribeca Grill and the Myriad Restaurant Group.  As the opening of Lewandowski’s new spot drew near, we began to wonder about his new gig over at Harlan Social in Harbor Point, Stamford that would be opening in mere weeks.  How was construction going, what is his philosophy on food, what would be the focus of Harlan Social, and what would Harlan Social add to Stamford?  Well, we took our questions and released them upon a very kind, enthusiastic, and passionate Chef Lewandowski.

International Local Flavor Factor

Stephen has made it clear that he’s in love with travel and food from across the world.  On the Harlan Social Site, he says that he’s been to over 30 countries.  When I asked him about his favorite cuisine, he hesitated a bit.  “I can’t pinpoint my favorite, but I did enjoy Vietnam a lot.  The history, the culture, and the different flavor profiles of the food over there are amazing.”  Another great trip he had was to Southern Bulgaria, in a small mountainous farm area.  He relaxed and ate freshly made cheese with cucumber, tomato, and just-picked basil.  “The food was so simple,” Stephen excitedly shot out, “but so great.  Simple food.  They use the environment around them to craft their meals.”

This passion for local food shines through with the menu at Harlan Social.  The menu will change based on the season, but Chef Lewandowski doesn’t want to be limited to just that.  One of the greatest joys for him is changing up the menu whenever he wants.    Another great joy?  Translating the flavors and cuisines from his travels into amazing dishes such as plays on bánh mì and a braised short rib pierogie.

Snacks and Small Plates

Getting down to more of the food, Kristien and I noticed that the menu at Harlan Social is full of snacks and small plates, though there are entrées available also.  I asked Stephen why this was and he said that he loves a variety of food and choices.  “I want to take people out of the classical, ordinary, three course meal, ” Stephen proudly stated.  “You just order, food comes out…order a bunch of things, we’ll pace it out for you.”  There’s also a nice nod to vegetarian food because his wife, Heather Rae (Harlan is her maiden name), is veg herself.   Plain and simple, Harlan Social is taking a typical restaurant experience and is cooking outside of the box.

Events, Brunch and the Cheese Station (OMG)

At Harlan Social, they’ll be pulling some fresh mozzarella three times a day at the 13 seat cheese station.  Expect an amazing variety of other cheeses, too, that you can snack on while sipping on some wine, beer, or cocktails.  As for the events, get ready for some cooking classes that will teach you techniques, special food pairings, cheese nights, roast pig nights, wine tastings, and a natural chef’s table that makes it feel like you’re in the kitchen.  Harlan Social will also have a brunch that might prove to be a game changer.  Stephen told me there would be a big emphasis on the brunch.  “The cheese bar will turn into a crepe/waffle station and there will be one set price.”  We want brunch and cheese now…when can we start?

Drink Up!

Harlan Social will be featuring local and craft brews on tap, will have a nice wine menu, and will have fun and creative cocktails.  Drink up at your table or at the 55 person bar.  Yeah, that’s so big we can’t even imagine it!   Also, when you order a draft, check out where it’s coming from:  an iron clad draft beer cooler.  Swanky!

The Look, the Feel, of…Harlan

There certainly will be no lack of space at Harlan Social.  5,000 square feet with 20 foot high ceilings.  The dining area will be divided by a massively immense wine wall that measures in at 20 feet by 24 feet wide.  That will be a sight to be behold, but so will the ladder.  Yes, you know those fun ladders that hook onto library walls that can be slid across then climbed?  Yeah, they’ll have that!  The wall will not only be beautiful, but will also break the restaurant up into two parts.  The back half can be used for private dining that is attached to an outside patio.  Al fresco dining, here we come.

Stay Tuned

When we talked, there were a bunch of ideas floating around surrounding the opening.  Stephen talked about offering up special events and soft openings for their Facebook followers.  Some of the plans include a friends and family night and some special spots that might be auctioned off on the FB page.  You can’t get these chances unless you’re following, them, though.  So, keep an eye out for the opening of Harlan Social and check back here for a date, too.

They’ll be open when the timing is just right…you can’t rush culinary perfection.

Harlan Social (by Fairway Market)

Address:  121 Towne Street

Stamford, CT 06902

Phone:  (201) 264-7959

Harlan Social on Urbanspoon

Stamford, Connecticut to Get Its Own Foursquare Badge! #thecitythatchecksin

8 Feb

Some of the 51 badges Dan's holding down! Note Sexiest Man Alive badge ;)

Update:  click here to find out how to unlock the Stamford Savvy badge.  

People, especially CTbites, debate where the best place to get food in Fairfield County is.  We argued, hands down, Stamford.  Plain and simple:  Stamford.  Well, need proof?

Foursquare has picked us (we’re Stamfordites) for one of five brand new city based badges.  Yup, rolling out pretty soon, after your checkin to Casa Villa, Zaza, Napa & Co, Coalhouse Pizza, Colony Grill, Columbus Park, Madonia, or Vinny’s Backyard, you’ll get a pretty sweet badge.  There’s more places that we love, but we can’t list them all here.  But…this might help.

We don’t have details yet on how you’ll earn the badge, but it will probably be a simple location based checkin.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO UNLOCK!  So, keep visiting our fine city, eating our food, drinking at our bars, roaming our streets, clearing off store shelves, and making Stamford the awesome place that it is.  We’ll update this when we figure it out.

The other cities chosen are Baltimore, Maryland; Richmond, Virginia; Des Moines, Iowa; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Go CT!  Adding these five badges will add to the additional city badges that are already out there for you to earn.

Check out the official announcement here and tell us what you think of that picture of the pizza.  It’s from a certain Zaza Gastrobar taken by a certain couple who was doing a post for CBS Connecticut for their Battle of the Brick Oven Pizzas post.  Holla!

Also check out David Klein, the awesome guy who started this by creating a list on Foursquare.  I’ve known him through checkins only, but now we’re now friends on Foursquare…aww, buds. :)

My badges.

Kristien’s badges.

What are some of your favorite badges that you’ve earned?  What will you be doing in Stamford when you check in and earn this badge?  Why is Foursquare so damn addictive?  Let us know!

Some of Kristien's 51 Foursquare badges. Note she's married to Sexiest Man Alive badge winner.

New Neapolitan pizzas and sauce, same great down home Italian food! Nick’s Pizza-Stamford, CT

12 Feb

Did you know that Thursday is now the most popular day to go out and go crazy?  Well, we went our own kind of “married life crazy” by ordering delivery from Nick’s Pizza.  Nick’s has always been our go to place for good, hearty, classic Italian food.  Once again, they didn’t disappoint.  When I announced they were having a wine dinner, I told you about our addiction to their bread.  Yeah, there was plenty of it this time.  I even took a picture for you so you can join in my admiration and veneration of this holy manna.  Oh, in the picture?  That’s our doggy, Maynard.  He’s crazy in the head.

For my main dish I had one of their new, Neapolitan pizzas.  There were a nice handful to choose from, but I decided to go with the Boscaiola.  Imagine a nice, medium-thin crust that was still a bit chewy, not dried out at all.  Reminds me of the crust at Tappo, actually… which makes sense because the owners of Nick’s also owns Tappo.  Throw on some great quality fresh water mozzarella to form a nice thin layer over the crust, some flavorful tomato sauce, some ground beef, ham, peas, and mushrooms and you’ve got a killer pizza.  I really had no trouble chomping away on this…the flavors really went so well together.

Kristien had the baked cavatelli.  You won’t find it on the menu, but they’re  willing to fix things up for the customers.  The sauce seemed to be thicker, deeper, and had a good balance between salty and sweet.  We’re pretty sure this is a new sauce for them and we approve!  Plenty of cavatelli was smothered in the sauce and held together by beautiful amounts of mozzarella.  This is always a nice, comforting dish that’ll put a smile on Kristien’s face.

To help us digest it all we ordered our standard large antipasto.  Nice hefty amounts of lettuce are buried under slices of a ham/salami/provolone pinwheel, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers,olives, carrots, and pepperoncini.  The house vinaigrette is great and has the perfect mixture of oil and vinegar.  I love this dish because Kristien always lets me get the pinwheels so all that goodness is left for me.  Muahahahaha!

Our final verdict is that Nick’s remains a great, reliable place when you want great Italian classic foods.  Delivery is quick and it gets to your house nice and warm.  If you go to their restaurant to eat, you’ll probably feel like a family because lots of locals eat there.  One of my favorite memories was venturing out of the house last year when our house didn’t have power for a few days.  Nick’s was open and it was PACKED!  Well, that calmed me down a bit and made it all better.  I still didn’t have power and had to shower in cold ass water, but at least I had some good food to eat in the dark house that became symbolic of that week of my life!  Ciao!

Noms:  3.5

Price $$

Nick’s Pizza
Address:  522 Glenbrook Road
Stamford, CT
Phone:  (203) 324-4949
Site:  http://pizzarestaurantstamford.com

Nick's Pizza on Urbanspoon

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