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Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Darien Hosts Fundraiser for Stamford Fire Safety Foundation

21 Jun

We were staying at a hotel, visiting Kristien’s family for Christmas.  Our everyday routine ensued when we woke up:  Kristien hits the shower and gets ready.  Dan plays Angry Birds and other video games on the iPad, Dan takes a quick shower, Dan gets ready, then Dan plays more video games while Kristien keeps getting ready.  But, Christmas of 2011 was nothing like an everyday experience.  We saw friend’s posts on Facebook about a horrible fire that had broken out, ripping the family apart and destroying the Badger’s house on Shippan Avenue in Stamford.  We felt helpless being so far away and we were heartbroken hearing more about this tragically fatal event as the day went on.

And, it’s with horrible accidents like this that the Stamford Fire Safety Foundation was created.  Their mission is to provide smoke and CO2 detectors to people in Stamford so that people have faster reaction times during emergencies.  Here are some startling facts and statistics from UL:

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Meat Eating Contest for The Stamford Fire Safety Foundation Fund at Rodizio Grill, Stamford

6 Mar
Stamford Fire Safety Foundation
Update:  The “Last Man Standing” food eating contest is rescheduled for May 9.
Start stretching your stomach because May 9 this Thursday (3/7) at 7 pm there’s gonna be trouble…the gastronomical kind.  Yup, there will be a rotisserie meat eating contest.  We’re talking about Rodizio’s cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and seafood selections that normally you’d get when you flip the cue over to green.  At stake is a $100 cash prize and free Rodizio Grill meals for an entire year.
Look at the steam coming off that sirloin!

Look at the steam coming off that sirloin!

Anyone can enter for $30 per person and meat-hungry onlookers can get the Full Rodizio (all you can eat meat and salad bar) for only $30.13…normally $34.99.  If you’d like to enter and think you’ve got the guts (literally), e-mail rodiziogrillct@gmail.com by 5/9.  A generous portion of the entry fees and meals will go towards The Stamford Fire Safety Foundation Fund.  This is a great organization to support because they provide free smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Also, they give out fire prevention materials and give support to the fire departments in Stamford through safety initiatives.

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