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Prost! Landmark Biergarten at Station Eats to open in Stamford

2 May
Rendering of the Landmark Biergarten at Station Eats Stamford

Rendering of the Landmark Biergarten at Station Eats Stamford

Zicke, Zacke, Zicke, Zacke, Hoi, Hoi, Hoi!

Yeah, you’ll be singing lots of songs in German pretty soon.  Odes to the Oktoberfest gods, if you will.  And, you’ll be singing your heart out from the beautiful, newly renovated patio at Station Eats in Stamford.  The patio has been reimagined and redesigned and will forever henceforth be known as the Landmark Biergarten at Station Eats.  We got in touch with one of the owners, Nick Type, and he told us more about the Biergarten, opening half way through May:

Kristien's classic burger at Station Eats, all loaded and ready to go

Kristien’s classic burger at Station Eats, all loaded and ready to go

“It will offer a line of rotating draft craft beers, wines, sparkling wines and our house made (fresh / no mixes) station margarita (14oz – $6.00). Beer prices will be very reasonable. We will have buxom gals and hunky lads serving out there and the occasional live music act. The biergarten menu will be an extension of our current menu and include items such as bier braised brats, house made bacon sauerkraut on pretzel rolls. Complimentary warm station kettle chips made to order will greet every patron.”

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Fairfield County Restaurants Raise a Ton of $, one Beer at a Time to Support Hurricane Sandy Relief

27 Nov

–Video about A Buck for a Beer fundraiser from ItsRelevant

Back in early November, we told you about our effort (A Buck for a Beer to Support Hurricane Sandy Relief) to work with Fairfield County restaurants to make a difference.  The idea was simple:  when a certain beer was ordered at a restaurant, a dollar would be donated to American Red Cross.  After we wrote some of our favorite restaurants, we heard back quickly, owners eagerly hopeful to get involved.  While the first night of the fundraising week (11/7) wasn’t the best start because of snow, people were eager to go out, eat some food, drink some brews, and make a difference all week long.

Casey Dohme, manager at The Ginger Man of Norwalk had this to share:

“We got an incredible amount of support from our customers that the word had spread to.  From a woman stopping me on the street when I was changing our menu box to tell me she was coming the following day with a group of friends just to support the cause, to Friday night when another woman came in with a group of people who had really been affected and were stoked about the idea of drinking and helping.  One customer actually put her credit card down, and handed out drink tickets personally to her friends to use only towards beers that fell under NY/NE.  Very cool.  It gave people a release and a temporary distraction.  And while they were enjoying each other’s company, they in turn were helping and that got people excited.”

Stamford Event Aims for You to Take Off Your Clothes and Make a Difference

9 Oct
Why you wearing all those clothes?  Yo…Stamford, Take Off Your Clothes!  As attractive as all our readers are, actually following this advice at UConn Stamford might get you some jail time.  Think of it as a metaphorical shedding of your clothes for Person-to-Person‘s first family event on 10/20 from 11 to 3 pm.  P2P is inviting all Stamford citizens and families to take part in the fun.
Now, because we’re writing about this, you know there has to be some food involved.  Yeah, we’re so predictable, huh? First off, check out some gourmet grilled cheese from everybody’s favorite, Melt Mobile, or your own little Italian cafe in the form of the Caffe Bon food truck.  Next, you’ll have the 2012 Stamford Museum & Nature Center Maple Sugar Festival Chef’s Challenge winner:  David’s Soundview Catering.  Finally, check out two of Stamford’s best restaurants, shelling out burgers and Italian food for you:  Station Eats and Bar Rosso.

Nomworthy Bites of Connecticut Food News, Volume 1: Zombies, Dinosaurs, Dogs, Parrots, and Pumpkins

30 Sep

You know, sometimes there’s just so much going on around Fairfield County that there just isn’t enough time for us to create individual posts for each event.  We are just two people, but we want to get the news out and spread the word about openings, deals, discounts, events, and everything else food related.  Yes, we have been updating our Events calendar pretty well, but we think it’ll be easier to check out what’s fresh and fun in the 203 with little nummy and yummy bites of goodness.

Enough chitter chatter, let’s start:


On October 6, crawl or limp on over to the 1st ever Apocalyptic Rocktober Zombiefest at Ives Concert Park.  Entrance is $10 and that gives you access to “killer” live music from Pat Horgan & Thunder Road, food and brews, a zombie beauty contest for men and women, a thriller dance party, a screening of “Night of the Living Dead,” a “silent but deadly auction” (not the sbd you’re thinking of), and even a raffle for a dream vacation for just $10 a pop.


Chef Arik Bensimon’s, formerly of Napa & co in Stamford, has been working hard on opening his next venture:  The Spread.  It’ll be located at 70 N Main Street.  We wish Arik and his associates the best of luck, though with combined skill like that, you don’t need it.  Follow them on FB for updated info. 

Pat Pascarella , owner of Cortina Pizzeria (formeraly Pizzeria Rosso) has opened up his dream restaurant, Bar Sugo, at 102 Wall Street in Norwalk.  On the menu?  Six different versions of meatballs, fresh housemade pasta, and lots of small plates such as prosciutto wrapped polenta fries.  Let the noming begin on October 5th!

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Station Eats Fights Diabetes with their Ashley Burger in September! New Canaan + Stamford

29 Aug

If you’ve been to Station Eats in Stamford or New Canaan, you know how awesome their burger and shakes of the month are.  Heck, we’ve reviewed a whole bunch of them:  Tres Leches Shake/Cinco de Mayo BurgerCaramel Sea Salt Shake/Bacon Bleu Cheese Burger, Cap’n Crunch Shake/Guinness Chocolate Shake/Buffalo Wing Burger.  The great thing?  You never know what to expect from the great culinary minds that run both joints.

Well, expect something amazing this September at both Station Eats locations.  They’ll be serving up The Ashley Burger as their Burger of the Month.  That’s a veggie burger, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, and black bean corn salsa in between a bun.  Now, the veggie burgers here are legendary.  A couple of years ago we had their older version of the veggie burger and it was great, and we know they’ve made improvements.  People swear by this burger, but we think they’ve taken up a few notches with Ashley’s awesome recipe. Continue reading

Live Music, Beer Dinner, and More @ Station Eats – Stamford, CT

28 Jun

Come to poppa!

We’re not shy about sharing our love of certain restaurants.  Station Eats is one of them.  Heck, we were followers before Station Eats was even Station Eats, aka Filling Station.  Heading to the Stamford or New Canaan spot always guarantees us a great, reliable, quality burger, dog, and shake experience.  We’ve been hitting up Station Eats in Stamford more, though, because we love the outdoor beer garden and the chance to partake in some beer/Hi-Octane shake action!

So, OmNomivores, some great stuff is happening now and is soon to come:

Happy Hour:  Check out Station Eats from 4-7 pm and get 50% off beer and their Hi-Octane shakes!  #Winning.

Beer Dinner on 6/29/12: Just buy a burger and get a free beer from Cisco Brewing Company.  Our kinda beer dinner, no doubt! :)  There will also be a swimwear show from Juelle, live music, and even raffle prizes.  If you feel like getting an extra Cisco Brew, you can get one (or two, or three, or four) for just 3 measly bucks each.  They’ll have Whale’s Tale Pale Ale, Sankaty Light Lager, Indie Pale Ale, Summer of Lager, East Indian Pale Ale, and Brooklyn Summer Ale. 

Live Music:  Enjoy the summer and spend some time outside with a burger and some beer that have your name all over them while digging some tunes.  Every Thursday and Friday you’ll be able to check out the likes of PJ Pacifico, Carruthers Brothers, and Pink Missile.  Check out their FB page for specific times and bands each week.

Mall and Theater Access:  Yup, starting July 19, you’ll be able to get to Station Eats after (or before) that awesome sequel of Vampires vs. Zombies vs. Werewolves vs. George Washington at Bowtie Movie Theater.  Or, after a long day of shopping at Stamford Town Center, you can head over to Station Eats via Level 4 by the Apple Store.

Parking:  Parking ain’t no drag anymore.  Just drive up Atlantic and park in the garage to the right of Station EatsBring your ticket and they’ll validate it for you weekdays after 5 and all day on weekends.

Noms: 4.5
Cost: $$
Station Eats
Address:  3 Landmark Square (across from Palace Theater and above Izet’s on Atlantic Street)
                  Stamford, Connecticut 06901
Phone:  (203) 588-0960
Site:  http://fillingstationco.com
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/fillingstationco

What to Do Father’s Day: Free Burgers, Some BBQ + Brews, and Some Horsing Around!

14 Jun

Quoted from the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Dad:  (noun) The person who gave put you into this world; the person who can take you out of this world; the person who sold his kidney to put you through college; the person who lives off a steady diet of hamburgers and bbq.

Well, let’s honor dad a bit this Sunday, huh?

Station Eats:  Stamford and New Canaan

Bring Pops to Station Eats and he’ll receive a FREE Station Burger.  Show him some love and treat him to a shake and some fries with that, too.  Remember that there’s a huge beer garden at the Stamford location if you want to treat dad to al fresco dining.  :)  Don’t forget that there’s easy parking.  Just pull into the garage at 70 Atlantic Street and they’ll validate your parking ticket (weekdays after 5 pm, btw).

Horsing Around for Charity:  BBQ, Music, Wines, Microbrews, and Stuff to Keep the Kids Busy With

Quit Your Horsing Around! Oh, I’ll Pull This Car Over! What? Wanna Test Me?

Tickets to Horsing Around for Charity are $40 ($45 at the door cash/check), but kids 12 and under are free.  There will be lots of food, people to teach dad more about the art of BBQ, music from The Short Bus, wines, microbrews, and lots of things for kids to do.  So, give dad a break again.  You go off, get your face painted, go shopping, and let him eat some BBQ and drink some brews.  Being a dad ain’t easy, ya know?  It’s simply exhausting being the father of two cats and an insanely fetch-driven dog.  Being a dad of humans just might be a bit harder, I guess.

Father’s Day

1 pm – 5:30 pm

Greenwich Polo Club

Conyers Farm

Greenwich, CT

¡Ay, caramba! Tres Leches Shake and Cinco de Mayo Burger, Batman! Station Eats (Filling Station)-New Canaan, CT

9 May

Cinco de Mayo (Chorizo) Burger

Update:  June’s burger of the month will be Chili Cheeseburger and the shake of the month will be Strawberry Waffle Maple Milkshake!!!

In honor of America’s obsession with Cinco de Mayo and everything Mexican, Filling Station has put together another OmNom-worthy pairing for May.  First, there is the Tres Leches Milkshake.   It looked like our cups first got a few heavy squirt of some sweetened condensed milk before the shake got mixed in.  This added that sweet, deep flavor you get from tres leches desserts.  You’re talking three different kinds of milk with just the slightest hint of coconut.  We won’t talk about the calories these ingredients added. ;) Kristien was all over this one and loved it.  We still think it’s funny how I can down a large when Kristien struggles to get down half of her small. :)
The Cinco De Mayo Burger is also great and is a sizeable departure from what Filling Station usually does.  That being said, it was a worthy risk because it turned out bueno.  They start off with a chorizo burger patty, press it up real nice, then go to town with the ingredients.  They put on two nice slabs of queso fresco-the real deal here!  Then, put on some tomatoes and lettuce on top.  Finally, slather that hamburgesa with a really smooth and light lime cilantro creama.  Kristien will vouch for me, I’m not a cheese lover or even a crème fraiche or sour cream lover, but I dug in.  For me, it was a very good burger.  You could get a little kick of spice from some cumin that balanced out nicely with the creaminess of the cheese and the tangy crema.  Krisiten raved about hers, too.

Let’s just pretend that’s all we ate.  It’ll be our little secret, okay? ;)

Tres Leches Shake/Cinco de Mayo Burger, Caramel Sea Salt Shake/Bacon Bleu Cheese Burger,

Cap’n Crunch Shake/Guinness Chocolate Shake/Buffalo Wing BurgerOriginal Review

Noms:  4.5

Cost:  $$

Filling Station
Address:  19 South Avenue
New Canaan, CT 06840-5411
Phone:  (203) 966-4445
Site:  http://fillingstationco.com
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/fillingstationco

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This month’s burger and shake rock, for real! Station Eats (The Filling Station)- New Canaan, CT

10 Apr

If you look forward to your next burger, fries, and milkshake indulgences as much as we do, then you’ve probably been keeping with The Filling Station’s burger and milkshake of the month. And, if you read our blog every week like we know you do, then you probably saw us rave about the Cap’n Crunch and Guinness milkshakes, the buffalo wing burger, and their cranberry turkey burger from previous months.

Well, this month’s burger is the absolute best to date made up of the usual delicious, perfectly cooked farm-raised beef patty and topped with insanely good, thick, bacon, crumbly blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, crunch fried onions, and Worcester mayo. It’s the perfect combination of ingredients for a fantastic medley of flavors hitting your mouth. Seriously, I could’ve eaten three of them!  Then, the milkshake, ooooohhh the milkshake. Vanilla ice cream, carmel, and sea salt. OH.MY.GOD. There are few things I love more than the combination of sweet and salty, and this was exactly that. Just the right amount of both to keep your taste buds guessing. Just make sure to constantly swirl it or you’ll get a big sip of salt toward the end.

Every single month The Filling Station impresses us and has never disappointed. And for that, we are upgrading their rating from 4 noms to 4.5 noms. Word!

Tres Leches Shake/Cinco de Mayo Burger, Caramel Sea Salt Shake/Bacon Bleu Cheese Burger,

Cap’n Crunch Shake/Guinness Chocolate Shake/Buffalo Wing BurgerOriginal Review

Noms:  4.5

Cost:  $$

Filling Station
Address:  19 South Avenue
New Canaan, CT 06840-5411
Phone:  (203) 966-4445
Site:  http://fillingstationco.com
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/fillingstationco

Filling Station on Urbanspoon

Cap’n Crunch and Guinness Chocolate Milkshakes…Gotta Drink ‘Em All! Station Eats (Filling Station) – New Canaan, CT

13 Mar

Off the Hook: Guinness Chocolate Milkshake! Chili Fries in Back w/ Kristien ;)

Dyin’ for some good eats? Well, each month at Filling Station Co there’s a new milkshake and a new burger that have been paired to drop you to your knees and thank God for food. At the end of February we stopped in to get the Cap’n Crunch Milkshake before it was too late and, let us tell you, it didn’t disappoint at all. Kristien had a medium and I was asked what size I wanted. Puh-leeze! What size? Large, of course. When it comes to milkshakes, always order the large. It was thick, and it had the distinctive, yummy taste of Cap’n Crunch, and it rocked our worlds.

Buffalo Wing Burger, 86 the Bleu Cheese!

Behold: The Ultra Joe!!!

We took this time to try their sloppy joes, too.  Read about our first review here.  Kristien had the ultra joe, yummy goodness with station ‘slaw, pickles, and potato chips. She raved about its crispiness, the savory taste of the sloppy joe, and the kick of the slaw and pickles. I had mine with jalapeno and crunchy onions–also so damn good.

When we came back last week with Tom Madia, Kristien’s dad, I knew what I wanted, and I wanted it bad. Guinness Chocolate Milkshake. It’s really hard to explain how awesome this is, so you still have the whole month of March to try it. I can try, though…it’s just the right amount of chocolate, still the right thickness for a shake, then in the back of the flavor you get the maltiness of the Guinness that bursts through. Seth, the co-owner, explained that they boil down 30 bottles of Guinness Extra Stout to a syrup, then they combine that with the chocolate.  Hell yes.   It’s not overpowering, and we think that it’s better that way. I also tried their Buffalo Wing burger, made with their own secret formulation of a ketchup based buffalo sauce. They covered a very nicely cooked burger in the good stuff then piled it with juliened celery. The real deal has bleu cheese on it, but I can’t stomach that stuff. The burger was really great and the sauce added a nice, subtle heat.

I also put my name in to win that year of free lunches. Remember all the awesome stuff that’s going on in March to celebrate their birthday? All this talk of shakes and burgers has made us hungry. Think we gotta head out for some more Guinness Chocolate Shakes. ;)  Soon, too, you’ll be able to fill up in 3 Landmark Square in Stamford.

Everybody Should Have a Lil' Cap'n Crunch Milkshake in 'Em

Tres Leches Shake/Cinco de Mayo Burger, Caramel Sea Salt Shake/Bacon Bleu Cheese Burger,

Cap’n Crunch Shake/Guinness Chocolate Shake/Buffalo Wing BurgerOriginal Review

Noms: 4.5
Cost: $$
Filling Station
Address: 19 South Avenue
New Canaan, CT 06840-5411
Phone: (203) 966-4445
Site: http://fillingstationco.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fillingstationco

Filling Station on Urbanspoon

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