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OmNomCT Reviews Relic Brewing’s Demiana on Beer411 for 12 Beers of Christmas Series

12 Dec

Demiana from Relic Brewing

Since 2009, Tony and Kaytee (two beer-loving cousins) have been fermenting awesomeness on their blog, Beer411. If ya drank it, chances are, they drank it . . . and they’ve written about it, too. Not only that, but they also offer up plenty of beer news, info, and general insights into the #Beer411 life. Just a couple of weeks ago, Tony reached out to us and asked if we wanted to be a part of his 12 Beers of Christmas guest-posting brouhaha. Um, duh! Of course we were in! So, we thought long and hard about which beer to pick and the answer came when we saw a beautiful bottle of Relic Brewing’s Demiana, a dark saison, sitting on the shelf, calling our names softly: Dan, Kristien, take me home with you, I want to put myself inside of you.”

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We’ve had saisons. We’d had plenty of saisons. But, we can’t say that we’ve had dark saisons, well, until recently when we tried Relic Brewing’s Demiana. Then again, saisons have been brewed, traditionally, in unique ways. Made as beers that would be cold and refreshing for farm workers, they were brewed with whatever local ingredients and spices were on the farm or nearby. So, it was very well possible to have a saison at one farm, while 1 mile away you could have a very different tasting saison.

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