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Guide to the CT stouts + porters that we drank this winter

20 Mar

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On this last day of winter, we figured that it’d be pretty slick to pay tribute to all the great stouts that we tasted this past season that come from Connecticut breweries. Yes, we typically think of stouts and darker beers in the colder months, but we see nothing wrong with drinking these bad boys even if it’s warmer out. So, check out these brews and let us know which of these are your faves? If the one you’re in love with isn’t on the list, let us know so that we can try it!

Imperial Choconaut Porter limited release, Firefly Hollow

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More than 26 Stouts Pouring During 2nd Annual Great Wall of Stouts @ Ginger Man SoNo

27 Feb


We love beer and we’ve got a hunch that you like beer too.  So, that’s why we’re pumped to share with you the 2nd Annual Great Wall of Stouts at The Ginger Man in Norwalk.  26 stoutly stouts will be on tap (that’s half of their lines, btw) from Monday, March 10 through Sunday, March 16.  That’s a full week of drinking that is worthy of your time.

If this seems overwhelming to you, don’t worry…we’ve got a plan of action that we’re sharing.  Oh, and the 15 brews listed above is just a starting list…there are still plenty more to come.  

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