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Some of South Norwalk’s Best: 2012 SoNo Restaurant Week 10/21-10/26

4 Oct

The restaurant week machine never shuts off here in Connecticut!

This is an incredible time for voracious eaters who like to save some dinero and to try new spots.  While it’s hard to pass up a great burger at Chocopologie, some beer and nice gastogrub at The Ginger Man, we’d like to hit up Estia (not Estia’s American in Darien), Atlas, and finally try Match.  What’s your plan of attack for this restaurant week?  Hitting up old faves or trying new ones?  Let us know! 

2 Course Lunch, $9.99

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Stamford and Norwalk Restaurants Get Crafty with Craft Beer – Our Newest CBS Post

19 Oct

We asked our tweeps, FB buds, and friends about some of the best spots to get craft brews and that had the best variety.  What followed was an awesome research project that led us to create our newest post for CBS Connecticut.  We start at Coalhouse Pizza in Stamford, then head over to Monster B’s, then end off at Norwalk’s very own The Ginger Man.  If you haven’t been to any of these spots and you love beer, prepare to love it more.  Yes, start preparing now.

Here’s the leadin, along with the first sentences from each beer spot.  Click here for the entire article, please.  ;)

“Any restaurant can sell a few beers by the bottle and offer up a few beers on tap, but those are usually the kinds of beer that you can find at your local corner store.  A brave few spots in Stamford and Norwalk, though, pride themselves in their beer selection and what they do for their beer loving friends.  To help you on your quest for that perfect brew, we’re giving you a guide to some of our favorite watering holes that have the best beers on tap and by the bottle.  Sorry, but Budweiser just won’t cut it here.  We’re talking craft, micro, and all-around-awesome beers.  Pull on up to the tap and pour in some brew, this is going to be a tasty one.

Coalhouse Pizza

“In the mood for ice-cold beer with thin crust pizza? Want oodles of options like ribs, salads, and Italian specialties?  Well, Coalhouse Pizza has you covered…

Monster B’s

“Hall of Foam?  Yeah, we spelled that right.  At Monster B’s in Stamford you actually get rewarded for your love of hops with their Silver Challenge.  All you have to do is…

The Gingerman

“In the heart of SoNo (that’s South Norwalk for you newbies) is a bar that serves up fantastic food that goes beyond traditional bar food and pairs it with a killer beer selection…”

Read the full article…

Coalhouse Pizza
85 High Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06905
(203) 977-7700

Monster B’s
487 Glenbrook Road
Stamford, CT 06906
(203) 355-1032

The Gingerman

99 Washington Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854
(203) 354-0163

Eating Greenwich and Port Chester, Interstate Restaurant Week, October 16-21, 2011

1 Oct

Deals galore, from CT Restaurant Week site!

Let’s face it, restaurant weeks are good times to try out expensive places at not so expensive prices.  They are even great for just trying out that one gem that you’ve heard so much about but never got around to trying.  Well, the Greenwich & Port Chester Restaurant Week breaks some ground in CT.  First of all, it’s between not only two cities, but also two states.  Also, check out below, for other cool new features of this restaurant week.  If that’s not enough, check our post  for a restaurant week that spans the entire state of Connecticut.

October 16-21, 2011 (Sunday-Friday)

• Discounted prices on prix fixe menus

• Special offers and deals

• Variety of features such as family dining, lunch buffets, early bird dining, a la carte menus, and wine pairing menus.

Prix Fixe prices are set at:

 Lunch $10.11 & Dinner $20.11   OR   Lunch $18.11 & Dinner $30.11

Participating restaurants:

We realize after doing this post that we don’t eat in Greenwich enough.  We need to branch out from Stamford and Norwalk.  This, dear Omnomivores, is the perfect opportunity to do so.

A Cheat Sheet to SoNo Fall Restaurant Week 2011 – South Norwalk, CT

8 Sep

Kind of a cool way to run SoNo Fall Restaurant week ( September 25-30, 2011) this year.  Have a lighter two course lunch at $9.99 or $14.99 or get a three course dinner at $19.99 or $29.99.  We always want to equip our Omnomivores with the best kind of advice on spots to hit up, so here’s some info for you as well as some links if we’ve reviewed some of these spots.  When we get more info such as menus, we’ll update this post for ya.  Mangia! ;)

Where We’ve Been

BacchusReview– *Lunch ($14.99) or Dinner ($29.99 )* Make Reservations

• Excellent, quality Italian food.

• Ask to try the meatball!

Barcelona – *Dinner ($29.99)*

• Excellent tapas menu.  Try the fig and chorizo.

• Great drink and wine list.

Coromandel –Review–  *Lunch ($9.99) or Dinner ($29.99 )*

• Great Indian food (Not quite Thali, but still solid)

Chocopologie – *Lunch ($14.99) or Dinner ($29.99 )*

• Great eclectic food choices. The burger isn’t on the RW menu, but is a must for burgerholics.

• Also, creative and unique tea and coffee drinks.

• Chocolate to die for.

The Gingerman –Our CBS Post *Lunch ($9.99) or Dinner ($19.99 )*

• Great bar food and drinks with an immense beer list.

• If you try their hottest wings, you will beg for mercy.

Match  *Dinner ($29.99 )*  Make Reservations

• Very good Italian food

• Sidewalk dining, baby!

Red Lulu –Review 1Review 2   *Dinner ($29.99 )*

• Inventive and delicious Latino flare and fare.

• Great drinks.

• Hard to get in, so be ready to wait.

The Sono Baking Company & Cafe – Review – *Lunch ($9.99)* 

• Stuffed french toast here is purely amazing.

• Fresh, quality ingredients used in their food.

Sono Brewhouse – *Lunch ($14.99) or Dinner ($19.99 )*

• Good bar food and drinks

Where we still need to try…

Donovan’s – *Lunch ($9.99) or Dinner ($19.99 )*

O’Neill’s – *Lunch ($9.99) or Dinner ($19.99 )*

Strada18 – *Lunch ($14.99) or Dinner ($29.99 )*

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