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Get a deal on some juicy balls this Valentine’s Day…

14 Feb


Nothing says Valentine’s Day like balls, lots and lots of balls.  And, just as The Local Meatball says, you’ll “Ball in Love” with the deal they’ve got going on starting today and going until 2/16!  If you call Mike and co. up at (203) 258-6317 and set up a catering job, they’ll get ya a sweet deal…you don’t even need the specific date yet.  If you’re planning on ballin’ it with up to 25 guests, they’ll give you a $50 discount and you’ll only pay $400.  And, if you’ve having a big party for 25-50 people, they’ll drop the price down $75 to $800.  You don’t just get a choice of 3 meatballs, either.  You’ll also get rolls, drinks, and the guest of honor gets a The Local Meatball shirt!

Kick in da meatballs from The Local MeatballIf you take advantage of this order, you’ll have their tried and true variety of meatballs that have been taking Fairfield County by storm, but there will also be some new additions.  Mike DiStassio, owner and head-baller, told us that they’ll have two new balls available:  a Bacon Cheeseburger and Sausage and Peppers balls.  In addition, for catering only, they’ll be introducing their gluten-free ball!

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Now SoNo Marketplace Has Some Balls

23 Nov

Sorry, those jokes never get old…

But, in all seriousness, Mike DiStassio and crew have expanded their The Local Meatball food truck venture into SoNo Marketplace!  They’ll be offering up their awesome meatballs to everybody who comes by until the end of the year (maybe longer, too?), so definitely head on over and check them out.  And, just like Lobstercraft who just opened up a spot at SoNo Marketplace, they’ll still be around town, at parties, and available for events…don’t worry!  While you’re there, check out the great beer and drink options and chill out.  Also, because holidays are coming, there’s lots of fun artisan and food shops here where you can find your perfect gift and ingredients and meats for a killer meal.  Just saying…

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Two Roads Brewery Has Some Serious (Meat)balls this Weekend

10 May

Get your mind out of the gutter, people.  We’re talking about Two Roads Brewery having The Local Meatball shop on hand for their Saturday food truck experience from 3-7 on 5/11, the start of CT Beer Week.    Since TLM launch on 4/20, Mike’s been gaining quite a following of ballers.  There’s no doubt that Mike will be serving up some Serious meatballs, his standard formulation made with Saugatuck Craft Butchery beef and other local ingredients.  Here are descriptions from his site about the meatball choices (there is usually Serious and one other on special):

SERIOUS:  made with the finest ground beef from Craft Butchery, we use only the best local ingredients. Soaked in our traditional sauce, they are like no other. These balls burst with flavor and are our version of the classic.
Future Specials
KICK IN DA:  made with the most tender local pork around and some hot cherry peppers to give them just the right kick. Served in a chunky, spicy sauce, they’re a win-win.
IN THE BUFF:  fresh ground chicken and our own buffalo sauce—these are the perfect combination of heat and flavor.
HONEY’S:  honey BBQ sauce from a local favorite and a tender, juicy pork ball…who needs ribs when you’ve got balls?
JEWELS:  these salty, sweet creations are what we like to call a “breakfast ball.” Made with delicious ground beef, sausage, bacon and chunks of melted cheddar cheese. Topped off with the tastiest local maple syrup on a soft, light and airy snowflake roll. They’re jewels.

Here’s how to do it:

1)  Place your oder.

2) Grab your slider, Average Joe, or Grinder.

3) Head upstairs to Two Roads Brewery  and down those meatballs with some old cold brews.  We highly recommend the saison.

4) Fill up some growlers or growleritos (they are so cute and tiny).

5) Get some more meatballs before you leave.

Two Roads Brewing Co.

1700 Stratford Ave

Stratford, CT 06615

Phone:  (203) 335-2010

Having a Ball at the Launch of The Local Meatball Food Cart in Fairfield

22 Apr

The Local Meatball Food Cart in Fairfield

It was a crisp, spring day this past Saturday when Mike DiStassio launched the much anticipated The Local Meatball food cart. Just the night before he had found the perfect spot on Unquowa Road, right above the tracks at the Fairfield train station, where he could begin slinging meatballs with his brother Alan.

2013-04-20 13.12.02As he was getting ready for his 12:30 opening, people were already lined up, ready to try what Mike had worked so hard on. Featured that day, were two of his five rotating balls: Serious and Kick in Da. After meeting up with Mike’s wife and Kristien’s former coworker, Anne as well as other former coworkers and friends Michael, Bill, Rob, and Lisa, we placed our order. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love catching up with old friends…but the intoxicating scent of tomato sauce was too much to bare. We ordered (and were graciously treated to) three of each meatball on rolls.

2013-04-20 13.18.58

Let’s start off with Serious, aka the original with ground beef from Saugatuck Craft Butchery.  The sauce was slightly sweet and tangy, but with a warm, rustic taste. The bread, straight from Il Forno in Da Bronx to Mike’s door step, was amazing. Ya know, it’s hard to beat bread from Da Bronx.  The meatballs themselves were good, but we wondered if they were just a bit too dense this first time around. The flavor was good though, with the perfect amount of herbs, and the meat was super fresh.

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Getting Saucy: The Local Meatball Cart Launches Saturday, Connecticut Rejoices

18 Apr

From The Local Meatball’s FB Page

We broke the news about the saucy balls of Michael DiStassio back on March 9 and here we are telling you where you can get your first tastes.  Yes, we told you 4/20, but now we’ve got the location and time, too.  They’ll be plopping down on Unquowa Road from 12:30-2:30 just up the hill right by where the northbound train lets out.  He’ll be there rain or shine, but it looks it will be reaching around 60 with just a few clouds in the sky.

By the way, make sure you’ll following Michael and The Local Meatball on Facebook and Twitter.  He’s giving special insight into the meatballs such as this factoid (which Dan guessed correctly, earning him a sandwich):  he has eaten 350 meatballs in preparation for the opening.  That’s a whole lotta devotion!

For more info, make sure to check out our original post about The Local Meatball, how it’s a farm-to-table kind of experience, and what you can order.

The Local Meatball Food Cart Rolls into Fairfield w/ Locally Sourced Balls

9 Mar

Update: The Local Meatball is now open.  Check out our review! 

January 23:  National Pie Day (shouldn’t that be 3/14, right math geeks?)

February 9:  National Pizza Day

February 15:  National I Want Butterscotch Day

March 17:  National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day

Ah, the holidays and special days of the year that are near and dear to our cholesterol-sodden hearts!  And, did you know that today is National Meatball Day?  Well, why not celebrate this joyous occasion with a major announcement?

Starting on April 6 20, the people of Fairfield will have their own supply of serious balls.  That’s because The Local Meatball food cart will be plopping down and serving up some seriously delicious meatballs in Fairfield at places like the train station and the green.  Really, who doesn’t love meatballs?  And, who doesn’t love meatballs that are sourced locally?  The meat is supplied by Saugatuck Craft Butchery, the bread is from Il Forno Bakery, the ricotta is from Calabro, and the eggs come from The Farmers Cow.  In terms of meatball options, here we go:

Pick your form:

On a roll or in a bowl

Pick your size:

Smashed slider w/ 1 ball (child size)

Average Joe w/ 2 balls (…Are better than 1)

Grinder w/ 3 balls (7″ of Meatball Heaven)

Pick your balls:

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