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Get married or renew your vows at a Darien landmark! The Waters Edge at Giovanni’s-Darien, CT

7 Feb

Giovanni’s has always been on our list of places that we need to try ever since we moved to Stamford a couple of years back.  It stares at us, inviting us in as we pass by it on the way to the beach during those beautiful summer days.  Well, they told me about a pretty amazing opportunity at The Waters Edge at Giovanni’s today that I felt I needed to share.  On Valentine’s Day, there is going to be a group wedding ceremony for couples, same sex included.  You can either get married or have your vows renewed. The ceremony itself is free, but you’ll need to take care of getting your marriage license (info below), pay for any pictures that you like from the photographer, and pay for the prix-fixe meal that comes with a champagne toast if you would like it.  If you’re getting your vows renewed, you don’t need a license, cuz, duh, you’re already married.

This made me think back to our wedding on the Syracuse University Campus on August 5, 2006.  Yes, we’ve been together that long and she hasn’t killed me.  I did give my vows before there was such thing as Angry Birds, though.  Perhaps I should renew vows and work that in:  “To love, honor, and cherish, ’til green pigs do I destroy.”  I’ll need some more time to work on my vows, so I’ll be thinking things over with Kristien at Coalhouse Pizza for their beer dinner.  Enjoy some of those awesome shots from our wedding.  Oh, and yes…they dropped me. ;)

Info and Press Release

After the leftovers expire, check out Darien Restaurant Week

16 Nov

So, you’ll spend next Thursday prepping the turkey, mashing the potatoes, and serving your family…you’ll be exhausted.  And somehow you’ll manage to brave the crowds at the stores on Black Friday.  You’ll deserve a break and some enjoyment.  Well, why not head to one of the many restaurants that are taking part in the 2nd Annual Darien Restaurant Week?  The post-holiday yumminess takes place from November 28th to December 3rd.  Depending on the restaurant that you check out below, you’re looking at $10.10 for lunch/$15.10 for dinner or $20.10 for lunch/$30.10 for dinner.  Small potatoes when you’d normally pay two to three times more.

This is a very good experience to try new restaurants and maybe branch out and be a bit more adventurous.  Kristien and I have been to many Stamford Restaurant Weeks and we still dream of the squid ink pasta from Columbus Park Trattoria.  Darien Restaurant Week is really such an amazing deal, you’d be insane to miss out.  I’m sure we’re going to hit a few, so stay tune for the reviews. Plus, we’re giving you a valid and economical reason to eat out and to have fun.  Don’t you deserve that during the holidays?

Prix Fixe Menus

Backstreet Restaurant (Lunch $10.10/Dinner $20.10)

Bertucci’s (Dinner $20.10, Including a Glass of Wine)

The Goose American Bistro & Bar (Lunch $15.10/Dinner $30.10)

Chuck’s Steakhouse (Dinner $20.10)

Coromandel (Lunch $10.10-15.10/Dinner $20.10)

Fuji of Japan (Lunch $10.10/Dinner $30.10.  Prix Fixe Menu on Sunday or Monday.  Lunch comes with sushi/sashimi, salad, and entree.  Also, choice of chicken teriyaki or meal from the hibachi.  Comes with soup and salad, fried rice or noodles.  Dinner has more choices of meals to be prepared on the hibachi.  Also, comes with a glass of wine and dessert!  Hostess was quite nice and inviting.  Not sure if sake bombs are extra ;)  )

Harpers (Information Available After Monday)

Little Thai Kitchen (Hostess Was Not Sure of Prices)

Matsuri (Lunch $15.10/Dinner $30.10)

The Melting Pot (Dinner $30.10)

Olé Molé (Lunch $10.10 or $15.10/Dinner $20.10 or $30.10)

Rory’s Restaurant (Lunch $10.10/Dinner $20.10)

Scena Wine Bar & Restaurant (Called, Not Available Yet)

Tengda Asian Bistro (Lunch $10.10 or $15.10/Dinner $20.10 or $30.10)

The Waters Edge at Giovanni’s (Dinner $30.10 or 25% off Wine List)

Other Darien Restaurant Specials

Darien Doughnut, espresso NEAT, Heights Pizza, Robeks Juice, Upper Crust Bagel Co. Bakery & Café

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