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OmNomCT + Coalhouse Pizza Present Dogfish Head Ancient Ales Seafood Dinner

11 Aug

Update:  In addition, you’ll get an Ancient Ale goblet, a Dogfish Head Ancient Ale stone coaster, and an Ancient Ale poster.

The making and consuming of beer goes back to ancient civilizations.  Many argue that it all started back around 10,000 BC when early man began to cultivate the land and figured out how to ferment soon after.  Much later, Egyptians used beer to fuel the construction of the pyramids.  And, now, we have Bud Light and PBR. Hmm, a digression perhaps? Well, thankfully we’re in the midst of a massive craft beer revival.  A revival of the art form with a focus on the process, the quality ingredients, and the best possible outcome.

One such brewing company that’s creating a new revival of their own is Dogfish Head.  They found real-life ancient recipes, used the formulas and ingredients, then created a line of Ancient Ales.  How cool is that?! These rare brews will be on tap for the Dogfish Head Ancient Ales Seafood Dinner that yours truly is co-hosting with Coalhouse Pizza on 9/17 at 7.   Kevin O’Hara from Dogfish Head paired these one-of-a-kind beers with a menu we created and crafted for your omnoming pleasure.  As if that wasn’t awesome enough, each course will feature a Dogfish Head beer that is actually used in each dish.  We’ll be on hand, as will Coalhouse Pizza owner and beerophile Gerard Robertson, and Keith from Dogfish Head.  Also at Coalhouse Pizza will be Tired on Sunday, who will be rocking the place.  AND, there will also be 10 other Dogfish Head beers on tap for ya! Continue reading

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