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OATS Granola of Westport, CT: 4 Handcrafted Flavors to Rock Your World!

22 Jun

When we got an e-mail asking us if we’d like to try two new unreleased OATS Granola flavors, we didn’t hesitate much to get a sneak peek.  In addition to receiving a package of their soon to be released (late summer) Toasted Coconut and Vanilla Almond, we got their popular Original and Dark Chocolate granola.  All four flavors were sent to us and we’ve sampled them, over and over and over.  Well, sample is not the right word.  Devoured, shoveled down, hoarded.  Okay, what do you want from us?  It’s tough work being food bloggers.  The fact that the granola is handcrafted, all natural, doesn’t have any nasty GMOs, started with two moms from Westport named Dana and Julie, and is made in Westport are also major influences in our noming.  Let’s take you on a tour…

The Flavors

Original:  Usually the “Original” of anything is boring compared to the other flavors, but this isn’t the case at all with this OATS Granola flavor.  This one is actually Kristien’s favorite.  It’s not too sweet (they use honey, not sugar), has a great crunch to it, and tastes amazing.  Here’s why:  rolled oats, walnuts, cinnamon, vanilla, decaf espresso, clove, and nutmeg.  Yeah, damn good.

Dark Chocolate:  Huge pecans are mixed in with nice chunks of semisweet chocolate, almonds, and walnuts.  It’s rich, has a slight hint of spicy cinnamon, and leaves you wanting more.

Toasted Coconut:  Dan’s favorite.  Just open up the package and breathe that in…makes you think of the beach.  The coconut chips are toasted perfectly and add a great depth to the granola.  Try some chocolate chips with this for plain perfection.

Vanilla Almond:  The almonds provide an extra crunch, while the vanilla kicks it up a few notches.  If you love vanilla, this is your granola.

How to Eat:

1) Snack ‘um.

2) Put down a healthy handful in a bowl.  Add fresh berries, sprinkle on some honey, then top with whipped cream.  Perfect treat that has tons of vitamins and nutrients and isn’t so bad for you.

3) Mix in chocolate chips, especially to Toasted Coconut.

4) Mix into your favorite yogurt, froyo, or ice cream.

Where to Buy:



  • Stew Leonards:  Norwalk, Danbury
  • Double L Market:  Westport
  • Rowayton Market:  Rowayton
  • Ancona’s Market:  Ridgefield
  • Spic & Span Market:  Southport
  • Village Market:  Wilton
  • Whole Foods CT:  Greenwich, Darien, Westport, Fairfield
  • Peter’s Weston Market:  Weston
  • Palmers Market:  Darien
  • Elm City Market:  New Haven

New York

  • Whole Foods:  Tribeca, Union Square, Columbus Circle
  • Union Market:  Union St, 7th Ave, Court St–>Brooklyn


  • Ring Bros Marketplace:  South Dennis
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