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Jonesing for burritos? Hit up Tomatillo Taco Joint, now in Stamford

9 Dec

Tomatillo Taco Joint Stamford Logo

Where does OmNomCT pick up some great Mexican grub when we’re jonesing for a burrito fix?  That would be Tomatillo in Greenwich, right on Route 1.  In fact, we might have just ordered some burritos with a side of guac for delivery last night.  We might have, that’s just hearsay.  Our fondness towards Tomatillo (we did have a few points of contention, though) lead us to write a review of them back in January of 2013, and now we’ve got some great news to share with you.  Tomatillo Taco Joint is now in Stamford.

Burrito at Tomatillo GreenwichTheir restaurant is located at 114 Broad Street, where Morelli’s Pizza/Morelli’s Double Burger used to be, right by Zaza.  This is now their third location (they are also in New Haven) and here’s why you should checking them out for lunch or dinner:

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Local alternative spot for MYO Burritos and Tacos @ Tomatillo Taco Joint – Greenwich, CT

5 Jan


When you feel the need to feed your burrito greed, there’s not much you can do to ignore it.  See, it’s almost like a monster takes over and you become a singular, solitary force hellbent on finding that one perfect burrito or taco that is destined to make things better. Luckily, there are lots of burritos chains in the area you can hit up, but being good little local food bloggers, we’re always on the hunt for local joints vs. chains.

So, given that, we were thrilled to find that there was a local place on Seamless.com, Tomatillo Taco Joint, that delivered to our new place in Greenwich!  What’s great about the Seamless interface for ordering delivery is that you’re able to add whatever you’d like to the burrito or taco of your choice…oh, and we did.  Yes, we did.

DSC_0048_2For our first experience, we both ordered burritos with guac and chips.  Within about 20 minutes the food was at our door, piping hot.  The bag was pretty heavy so we knew that we were in for quite an experience. The burritos are immensely huge here.  We placed a can of Fireside Chat by 21st Ammendment Brewery next to it so you could get a nice comparison. As you can see, they are bigger than the ones you get at places like Chipotle, Sierra Grill or Moe’s.

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