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Guvnor’s Brewery in SoNo: OmNomCT Takes First Sips and Bites

16 Sep

Guvnor's Brewery in Norwalk, Connecticut

With much anticipation and with a packed restaurant, Guvnor’s Brewery opened this past Friday.  People lined the bar that overlooks classic cooper brew tanks, ordering beer made by owner and brewer Tony Aulakh.  And there also wasn’t a table free, hungry people looking for a taste of what Chef Peter Crawford had to offer. Then, again, it happened Saturday night. In fact, manager Mike Sullivan was surprised to see that it was even busier the second night.  It’s the kind of opening that anybody could hope for.

When we stopped by on Sunday, The Battle of the Mannings was on the two screens above the bar and the huge 120 inch projection screen in the dining room—it’s all one room btw, but the areas are separated.  We met Mike and tried some of the three brews available: Summer Chill Wheat Ale, Full Monty IPA, and the Black Magic Stout.  Kristien loved the Summer Chill Wheat Ale and ordered one for herself.  It’s light, wheaty, and has some nice citrus notes. This is the kind of brew to drink all day long…or during a game…especially a game where your team loses badly.  Make the pain stop, make it stop.  Dan stuck with the IPA, a sweeter and less hoppy version than you’d expect.  But, we loved it, the complex flavors, and the easy drinkability. We also really enjoyed the Black Magic Stout, a dark and meaty brew that wasn’t overboard in terms of depth or alcoholy taste.  All in all, the three brews that they currently have on tap have a nice balance and show off Tony’s skill (and with the IPA, unconventional skill) as a brewmaster.

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