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WineNation in Norwalk Closes, Total Wine and More to Take Over

2 Oct

A few months ago we checked out WineNation in Norwalk.  We were impressed with the variety of wine and beer that they had available.  Most notably awesome was the ability to pick and choose your own six packs.  The thing that alarmed us, though, was how there were so many empty shelves that were not filled.  We were told that the shelves would quickly fill in as they got more inventory, but we had a few comments on our post that mentioned how the inventory kept getting smaller and smaller.

Kristien and I often wondered how they could survive in such a big store with such a small inventory.  Unfortunately, we got word from them today they closed their doors (their MA location is still open) on September 30, 2012.  If there is any kind of silver lining in this announcement, it is that they sold the store to Total Wine and More.  Total Wine and More is a superstore that is in 12 states now, but by late November that will be 13 when they open shop in Norwalk.  They boast a great selection of beer , wine, and spirits, so that’s something to get very excited about.  In addition, they have regular events and educational classes at their stores, so we can look forward to that.  Here’s to much success and many great cheers.

Total Wine and More

Address:  380 Main Ave  (next to Stop & Shop)

Norwalk, CT 06851

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