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A feast worthy of the god it’s named for. Bacchus- South Norwalk, CT

12 Jun

Rigatoni D'Angelo, or "of the angel" and it was, oh it was.

Let’s just get this out there first. Whatever you heard about Bacchus from years past, before their reopening a few months ago, just leave that all behind. The new Bacchus is totally different, and totally heavenly! What makes it so heavenly you ask? Well, we shall tell you, our cherished Omnomivores.

First, the service. Our waiter. Chris, was BY FAR the best waiter we’ve had in years. Incredibly friendly, incredibly attentive, and extremely knowledgeable. From providing wine suggestions, to describing every dish he put on our table, he was fantastic! Plus, another bonus we love, the owner, Arnie D’Angelo, comes around to every table (more than once even) to make sure everyone is happy.

Second, the open kitchen. We love when restaurants do this! I know not everyone appreciates it as much as we do, but being super foodies, we are mesmerized. And luckily, we were seated right next to the window. The rest of the ambiance was nice too. Nothing crazy amazing, but clean, cozy and softly lit, just like we like it.

Third, and most of all, the food! Oh, the food! Because we seriously ate a lot, I mean a whole lot, and shared everything, I’m going to make it easy for you:

First course – a bonus amuse bouche: their homemade meatballs. Ok, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, seriously, but this meatball is the closest meatball I’ve had to my Nana’s BEST EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD meatball. Now, I’m not saying it was AS good, but it was the closest I’ve ever had. A delicious blend of veal and pork that gave it a perfect, hearty texture, real breadcrumbs (not the crap you buy already crushed up), basil, oregano, and a decent helping of garlic to give it a nice spice. YUM!

Second course – another bonus free dish: Caponata and bread. Danny and I enjoyed a nice helping of hearty Italian bread dipped in a harmonious blend of fresh olive oil, basil, eggplant (duh), caramelized onions, and yellow and green peppers. Very good.

Third course: Tuna Tartar. While I am a bit baffled at the Asian twist they put on this dish in an Italian restaurant, it was very good. Fresh chunks of tuna with almonds and avocado bathed in a mixture of sesame oil, lemon, and soy sauce over fried wontons, drizzled with an aioli. It really was a nice balance of all the flavors, light and fresh and quite tasty. My only complaint is they were just a bit heavy on the aioli for me, but most places seem to do this.

Fourth course: The HOLY CRAP we could seriously eat a vat of this is Rigatoni D’Angelo. WOW, wow, wow. Perfectly cooked pasta, al dente, combined with a fantastic tomato sauce with a hint of cream, peas, basil, garlic and incredibly creamy ricotta. Yeah, this dish is the owner’s baby and I can see why. It will rock your world.

Fifth course (What? You thought we were done? Psh!): Veal Milanese. I am very picky when it comes to this dish. If you over-bread the veal, it’s an automatic #FAIL. If you don’t have enough oil or lemon and it’s dry, #FAIL. This one, however, passed all of the above with flying colors! Add plenty of fresh cherry peppers, tomatoes and arugula on the side and this was one of the best Veal Milanese we’ve had in the area other than it just being oh so slightly overcooked in thinner spots.

For the final, sixth course we had dessert. The dessert menu was kind of disappointing as we were expecting a ton of tasty Italian treats, but got only a couple. We ordered the Tiramisu drenched in mascarpone and espresso and it was quite good.

AND of course, we washed this all down with a bottle of Villa Bella Ripasso Valpolicella. A nice, smooth red popping with dark berry and plum flavors and a kick of spice. It was very versatile, pairing well with just about all our dishes.

So as you can see, read, and drool over, Bacchus really is worth coming out to try, and try again. Plus, they have this awesome event that has been celebrated by Italian-American families every Sunday without fail called Sunday Gravy. A feast of rigatoni, beef and pork braciole, sausage, meatballs, salad and a carafe of wine for only $25 for adults, $14 for kids every Sunday from noon to 6PM. We SOOOOO have to go back for that!

Noms: 4

Cost: $$$

120 Washington Street
Norwalk, CT 06854-3007
Phone: (203) 956-6220
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002287523045 

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