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Sweet! Chocolate, Dessert + Wine Lover’s Presale + Vendor Invite

13 Nov

Yes, The 8th Annual Chocolate, Dessert & Wine Lover’s Evening isn’t going down until February 4th, 6 pm, at the Stamford Marriott, but if you act before December 1 you can save some serious bucks. Instead of paying $45 per ticket, you’ll pay only $35 which adds up if you’re going as a couple or with a friend. We’re just saying, but this will make a great holiday present or an early way to prep for Valentine’s Day. Think how nice that’ll be to be prepped and ready to go that far in advance! Continue reading

Where to get some liquid courage this Valentine’s Day – Fairfield County

6 Feb

Cask Republic beer by the fire

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day can be a nerve-racking holiday.  If you’re single, you either long for meeting the love of your life, or you’re filled with hatred that such a ridiculous holiday even exists.  Who the heck is Hallmark to tell you what to do anyway?  If you’re just dating someone, it’s super awkward. What gift says “I like you” in a sweet, awwww inducing kind of way, and not in a creepy “I want to meet your mom and have your babies kind of way”?  And if you’re in a serious relationship, you might feel bored and uninspired, desperate for some romance to spice it up.

Yep, Valentine’s Day can be tough…unless you loosen up and have a few drinks. Single and want to hit on a hot girl?  Have a couple drinks. Single and want to forget this day even exists?  Have a couple drinks.  Dating and want to tell your date you love them for the first time?  Have a few drinks.  In a serious relationship and want to tell your partner you like handcuffs and furry costumes in the bedroom?  Errr…well…have a lot of drinks.  Either way, we gotcha covered with a sampling of some of our fave places to get your drink on in Fairfield County this Valentine’s Day.*

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9 Restaurants to Dump Your Date at this Valentine’s Day…You’re Welcome

8 Feb

Been looking for the perfect time to break up with your (in)significant other? We know, we know…she’s a bit of a freak (and not in the good way) and he plays poker with “the boys” way too much. Let’s help you get past this relationship so you can find your way onto greener pastures, calmer seas, and better matches on eHarmony or JDate.  Yes, we’re giving you that extra nudge by providing you with a list of places that are not only perfect for that break up talk, but also have so many hotties and studs that when you’ve ditched that good for nothing you can immediately get your flirt on with someone else.  And the food and adult beverages are good too, so you can eat/drink away the guilt. Ooooh, we’re so scandalous!

Tell us your break up stories and drama by commenting below.

Bar Q, Stamford: yeehaw! Check out the hot new urban cowboy scene here. Get on mechanical bull (check for availability to be sure), get thrown off, then become delirious. Look at date and say: What? Who are you? Sorry, wrong guy.

Barcelona, Greenwich, Norwalk, Stamford: when the chairs and tables move away at night, the party begins.  During the shuffle, tell your date that you want to see other people, then get lost in the crowd.

Bodega Taco Bar, Darien and Fairfield: have a server splash you with a glass of water then slap you across the face. Explain your sordid history, your date leaves, and then drink some tequila with the chicos y chicas. Don’t forget to leave extra gratuity for the show.

Dolce Cubano, Stamford: explain to your date that you are actually a Cuban refugee. Jump on random boat on nearby dock. Wave bye. Wait for date to leave, then come back and throw those drinks down the hatch at the bar.

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Share Belgians during Valentine’s Day with your love or just drink your pain away! Coalhouse Pizza–Stamford, CT

28 Jan

Gerard Robertson, one of the co-owners, has done it again…Coalhouse Pizza lovers can get their groove on Valentine’s Day at 7 p.m. with a five course beer dinner.  You’ll see that each course is paired with a nice Belgian beer.  In fact, you’ll also notice that every course has another beer worked into the recipe.  We’ve got tickets already and at $65 per person, this is a pretty inexpensive meal, especially for what you’re getting.  I love brats (the sausage kind, not annoying kids), mussels, and I’m digging the beer choices.  It’s safe to say I’ve never had any of these, so I hope to find some new favorites.  I’m really a newbie when it comes to beer, but Kristien and I are really expanding our brewology knowledge and vocab. Young’s Double Chocolate Stout?  Hell yes!

If you’re going with someone you love, it’s a nice, relaxed time to kick back and enjoy each other while the Coalhouse staff serves you course after course.  Also, as you get your beer, Gerard and others will talk to you about the Belgian beer that goes with your course.  It’s a great time to enjoy each other’s company and to learn some new things about beer.  And, hey, if you’re going solo, the pours are pretty nice and big.  There’s nothing like spoiling yourself and toasting to the good life, eh?  Call up Coalhouse soon @ (203) 977-7700 ‘cuz these tickets can’t last too long. ;)

“Best of the Belgians” Valentine’s Day Beer Dinner
February 14, 2011
$65 per person

Coalhouse Pizza
Address:  85 High Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06905
Phone:  (203) 977-7700
Site:  www.coalhousepizza.com
$25 or more required for delivery within Stamford
$50 min for delivery for Greenwich, Cos Cob, Darien, New Canaan, Pound Ridge

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