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Chef Prasad’s Grand Opening Fiesta @ Oaxaca Kitchen – Westport, CT

27 Jan

Chef Prasad Chirnomula is a rockstar.  Thursday night (he’s probably still there partying) he threw a Grand Opening fiesta at his new baby, Oaxaca Kitchen in Westport where Thali (and Thali Too) used to be.  That’s pronounced wuh-huh-kuh, if you’re fumbling over it like we did.

You might be wondering what Chef Prasad, god of Indian food, is doing dabbling in Mexican cuisine.  Well, it’s not dabbling, he’s been running Oaxaca Kitchen in New Haven and thought that Westport could use a dose of his culinary flavor.  See, this isn’t just Mexican cuisine.  Chef Prasad blends in and merges Indian flavors, making some fresh, bright, and citrusy fusion.

The Drinks

We were invited to come along and yeah, it was a major fiesta complete with a DJ and some bumping music.  Oaxaca was filled to the brim with people sipping on the house margarita, Jamaican margarita, and their mojitos.  They had beer and wine, but who drinks that when you’ve got awesome drinks?  They had just the right amount of sweet and liquor to pull off a punch, but not to make it overpowering.  We look forward to having some nice drinks here.

The Dishes

• Waiters left the kitchen and within a matter of seconds were mobbed by people hoping to try a sample of the next dish.  I held the fort down, standing at one of two huge bar tables while Kristien tried to make her way to the waiters.   First we nomed on some chips with a fresh salsa packed with lime juice.  Then, of course, we had to try the guacamole.  I mean, it’s just something you have to do, right? It had great flavor, was creamy, and was interesting because of the radishes in it.  Didn’t add any flavor, but did add a nice crispiness.

• Our first bite of something hot was the steak empanada.  The outside was full of crunch, while the inside burst with flavor and mild cheesy goodness.

• Next up was the veggie quesadilla.  What did we like about this?  The tortilla was crispy and not soggy like most quesadillas turn out to be.  The inside was yummy, filled with grilled squash and zucchini, cheese, mushrooms, and black beans.  Very hearty and a good option for vegetarians at meal time.

• Kristien was able to steal two ceviches after a few botched attempts.  The lime flavor burst out of the sauce, slathering up the seafood and avocado.  The unripened plantain in the ceviche was a nice twist because it cut into the acidy flavor.

• Next up was another little veggie dish:  guac on top of a slice of cucumber.  So simple, but damn good.  The cucumber gave off a crispy, fresh finish and there was even a tiny bit of heat that lingered afterwards.  Great idea for parties if you want to skip the chips.

• Then, we got our paws on two sliders.  The buffalo/chorizo patty was cooked medium well, was bursting with flavor thanks to the chorizo, and was covered in lots of lovely Oaxaca cheese.  Last time I had Oaxaca was back at Lola’s in Stamford…love Oaxaca because it’s pretty mild and unassuming.

• Our last bite of the night is what we were waiting for, the true test:  the taco.  The chicken was pulled, juicy, and delicate.  They served a fresh salsa with cilantro on top that balanced out some of the sweetness that came from the sauce.  Yeah, that was a great taco.

The Verdict

We weren’t sure what to expect when we came down to Oaxaca Kitchen.  What we tasted was unique Mexican food with subtle flavor twists that show off his other passion, Indian cuisine.  Now, we can’t give out a nom rating yet, but (oh darn) we’ll have to come back and see what else the menu has to offer.  Hasta luego, Omnomivores!

Oaxaca Kitchen

Noms:  TBD

Cost: $$$

Address: 376 Post Road East

Westport, CT

Phone: (203) 557-4848

Site:  http://www.oaxacakitchen.com/ok_place2.html

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