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Learn that Perfect Cocktail @ Bottlerocket, Thursdays in August – Westport, CT

25 Jul

Bottlerocket is a new kind of wine, beer, and liquor shop that has opened up in Westport.  They actually got their start in NYC and won #2 wine shop in NYC from Zagat.  Yes, rather than sticking with just the classic way of organizing wine by varieties or regions, Bottlerocket also helps you select the perfect wine by leading you to the perfect pairing.  There’s themes of seafood, meat, poultry, treats, take-out, recipes, organic, gift wines, and even more.  Plus, throw in an awesome variety of wine and liquor with more than 4,000 square feet and you’ve got a killer liquor shop

Well, they’re kicking things off in August with some awesome free tastings and cocktail classes.  Now, ladies and gents, this would be a nice kinda place to meet Mr. or Ms. Right, or even just Mr/Ms. Right Now. Just saying.

Just come by Bottlerocket in Westport each Thursday in August from 5 to 7 pm and you’ll take part in some liquory fun.

Here’s the schedule:

August 2:   Muddling Through the Heat: Learn to Muddle a Classic Mojito and other Cocktails and Taste the Results

August 9:   Sangria Fiesta: Learn to Make the Traditional Red, White & Bubbly

August 16: Local Art, Local Wine: Portraits with Pabst?

August 23: Get “Punched:” Easy Breezy Summer Punch

August 30: Boozehound: Bottlerocket’s Own Boozy Dog Show


Address:  1790 Post Road East

Westport, CT

Phone:    (203) 259-3939

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