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Celebrate Hibachi Style with Westport Little League @ Sakura of Westport

5 Sep

If you’re looking to have a fun night out with friends and family, checking out a hibachi restaurant is a smart choice. There are onion volcanoes, fun conversations, knives flying everywhere, lots of food flipped into the air and into mouths, and lots of sake flying to and fro. And, it’s with that exciting atmosphere that Sakura in Westport presents a special hibachi dinner (price and menu are the same) for the Westport Little League team. The special meal is happening 9/9, starting at 5:30. So, not only will you get to have some great food, but you’ll also get to meet the team and coaches and congratulate them one more time.

How well do you think the boys will be able to catch the food in their mouths? We’re gonna guess they’ll be flawless. Maybe the Hibachi Master Chefs will let the boys pitch in some shrimp, too? The only question is will it be a fast-shrimp, curve-shrimp, or slider-shrimp…


Address: 680 Post Road East

Westport, CT

Phone: 203-222-0802

Where to celebrate after the Westport Little League Parade Monday

25 Aug

Do you know what was awesome?  Seeing our Facebook friends go crazy over Westport Little League (12U) making it into the Little League World Series.  They watched the games and they hit up the bars to watch the games.  And, we were amazed to see all the restaurants and businesses that we follow on FB and Twitter cheer on the boys.  In fact, at certain points during the series of games that the Westport Little League played, we would be able to just follow our newsfeed to see what the score was or what the last play was.  While they ending up losing to Chula Vista and Mexico, they fought hard and they made Nutmeggers and New Englanders proud.  Hey, second best in the nation and fourth best in the world ain’t too shabby at all.

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