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Local Change, One Meal at a Time: Eat for Equity Comes to Stamford, CT

6 Sep

How it all began…

Eat for Equity.  You can find them hard at work in Boston, Minneapolis, Portland, and the Ozarks…and soon you’ll find their ground-breaking, community-minded, locavore-loving, change-making meals in Stamford, Connecticut.  To understand Eat for Equity, you need to understand where it all began.  After witnessing the deadly tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, one of the founders of E4E put a New Orleans style meal together in order to raise money to help out.  Turns out, it was a huge success with 100 people attending.  As the dinners continued, the popularity grew and so did the money that was raised.  Their ideals and their approach to helping bring a fair shot and equity to the disadvantaged spread across the country and the next place on their stop:  The City that Works.

Who they’re helping

E4E helps puts meals together using local ingredients in order to raise money and awareness for groups that fight inequities in education, the environment, health, and opportunities. In addition, they will help local organizations to make short-term changes and to bring about change to the community to bring about self-sufficiency.  Check out all the non-profits that they’ve helped so far. 

The meals

From http://eatforequity.org

Here’s how it works: Continue reading

Community Plates Rescuing Food for the Hungry in Fairfield County and Beyond

25 Jun

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the food at restaurants and supermarkets that doesn’t get used or sold?  Think of the enormous waste and think of the thousands of people who could eat if that food was available.  Well, you’ll be happy to know that less and less of that food is being wasted…and all thanks to a non-profit, an amazing network of volunteers, and a collection of people in the food industry.

It all started back in January, 2011, when Community Plates began.  They would drive to local restaurants, bakeries, caterers, supermarkets, and grocers to gather food that would have been wasted.  With that food, they would make deliveries to soup kitchens, pantries, and other places that provide food for the needy.  Since then, they have grown in immense ways.  According to a recent press release sent to us, they have rescued over 600,000 lbs. of food, have over 200 volunteers in Fairfield County, rescue food from 23 donors, and deliver to 15 different agencies.

With Kevin Mullins, who is the co-founder and Executive Director, at the helm, they have taken their mission and have brought it to other states, too.  They began work in Albuquerque in January, Columbus in April, and by the end of the year they will add another location.  For 2013, they plan to expand to six more places, too.  So, adding up all the numbers, they have 300 volunteers, 40 food donors, and they deliver to 30 agencies.

It’s amazing how something that started locally, formed for good, could take off and spread throughout the country.  Imagine how many more people can eat, and eat well, because of the hard work of Community Plates, its volunteers, and those who give the food.  If you’d like to help, please check here for volunteering opportunities, donate your food, and please consider giving money to help fund this vital work.

Here are some of the great places in Fairfield County that donate to help the food insecure:

 Barcelona Wine Bar
 Elm Restaurant
 Kentucky Fried Chicken
 Match Restaurant
 O’Neill’s Irish Pub
 Pane e Panini
 Rowayton Seafood
 St. Luke’s School
 The Brewhouse
 The Capital Grill
 Trader Joe’s
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