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Down the Hatch! Big Bad Bourbon Tasting @ Saugatuck Grain and Grape in Westport

10 Nov

Meet Jeff Marron, the Big Bad Bourbon Daddy.  With Mimi McLaughin, he owns Saugatuck Grain and Grape in Westport and c2h6o that will be opening up in Spring 2013.  In town, his shop is known as a go to place for all your wine, beer, and liquor needs.  Perhaps one of the key reasons why people can’t stop coming by is Jeff’s immense knowledge and his love of classic, old school cocktails.

Food from Saugatuck Grain and Grape’s last scotch tasting, from their FB page

So, whether you’re a devoted Grain and Graper or if you’d like to walk into their doors for the first time, we’ve got a great event to share with you:  the Big Bad Bourbon Tasting from 6-8 on 11/13!  Yes, every year there is a bourbon tasting, right before Thanksgiving.  Vendors such as Wild Turkey, St. George Spirits, and Jim Beam come in and serve up some great bourbons and whiskeys that are Jeff-approved.

A customer tastes some scotch at Saugatuck Grain and Grape’s last scotch event, from their FB page

You’ll also be able to taste one of Jeff’s famous barrel-aged cocktails.  He’ll be serving up a Manhattan that comes from an 1862 recipe that he loves.  Jeff’s all about the classic cocktail, especially those from the 1800s!  He’s also all about making this night a “tasting on steroids.”  Why, you ask?  30-40 bottles will be poured out, so you can drink a few bourbons or drink a few more bourbons.  Plus, there will be food on hand from a local caterer.  Jeff told us that the food for the night needs to be cooked with a bourbon or a rye, making this a true bourbon tasting.

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