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Interview w/ Liz Rueven of Kosher Like Me: Her New Cookbook, Blog Life, and the Writing Process

17 Mar

4 Bloggers Dish Passover Liz Rueven

We’ve been a fan of Liz Rueven, editor and founder of Kosher Like Me, ever since we get into blogging.  Not only is she very kind and supportive of our work, she’s an overflowing font of knowledge in all things regarding food, especially the veg-life.  Her blog covers events, restaurant news, recipes (oh the recipes!), reviews, and tons more of nomworthy goodness.  Liz was even recently named one of 5 Jewish bloggers that you need to be following by Relish.com…well, duh.

But, it would be a crime to paint Liz’s work into a corner as just Jewish, just Kosher.  Yes, the recipes she shares and the foods that she talk about are kosher, but it’s the deep respect for food, farms, local food, and the art of all things culinary that cements Kosher Like Me as a blog to be reading…whatever your religious beliefs or dietary restrictions are.  And, if you’re ever on the lookout for great spots to hit up in CT (she lives in Westport) or NY, KLM is your jam.

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