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Chefs Bill Taibe and Wirt Cook Headline Outstanding in the Field Dinners at The Hickories in Ridgefield, CT

11 Mar


Outstanding in the Field has been trekking across America since 1999…and they’ve even hit up international destinations in 2011 such as Italy, Spain, Denmark, Great Britain, and Ireland.  So, what exactly is Outstanding in the Field?  It’s literally a moveable feast, but in the form of a Winnebago that travels from farm to farm, location to location, sets up a ginormous table, pulls in some of the area’s best chefs and local food, then puts on an, well, outstanding meal.

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Cabbage Cooking Contest at Westport Farmers’ Market 1/18

13 Jan
Cabbage was cool to cook with way before anybody ever heard of kale.  Yeah, we said it.  What you gonna do, huh?  But, the problem with cabbage is that it can be soggy or be off-putting if it’s not done right.  
cabbage from Microsoft Clipart Well, we’ll let Chef Wirt Cook from Redding Roadhouse and butcher-extraordinaire from Saugatuck Craft Butchery be the judges of that.  They’ll be the local celebrity judges at a cabbage cooking competition at the Westport Farmers’ Market on 1/18 starting at 11 am.  While we might not want to be around either Wirt or Ryan a few hours after the sampling (hopefully they take some Beano), you better stick around until noon when they’ll pick the winner.  That lucky duck will win a full cleanse system from The Stand Juice Company and the bragging rights as winner of the Cabbage Kibosh.  

Cookouts, Movie Nights, + Even More Summer Fun @ Redding Roadhouse

25 Jul

The brand new Redding Roadhouse has tons of summer fun on the way for you.  From a charity event, to movie nights, to cookouts on the patio, to farmhouse dinners, Executive Chef Wirt Cook, his wife Karen Cook, and Ted Stonbely have you covered for things to do.  It’s all part of the new image they’re trying to shape for Redding Roadhouse, making this newly owned classic restaurant in Redding a place for locals to haunt and for people (like a couple from Greenwich) across the county state to visit, too.  And, with all their combined talent, it’s easy to see why Redding Roadhouse is turning out to be one popular spot.

Starting off Wirk Cook stood by the side of Chef Alex Guarnaschelli in the pits of Kitchen Stadium for her Iron Chef win, Karen Cook used to be the Best Cellars wine and spirits director, and Ted Stonbely (their brother-in-law) was a chef at Boulud’s Bistro Moderne.  Describing the food at Redding Roadhouse isn’t easy, but you could say it’s Farm-Meets-Modern-American.  You know, we kind of like that.

So, let’s talk about all these great things going on!

1)  What’s better than a Sunday summer brunch buffet?

2)  BLUSH wine event that will benefit American Cancer Society.  It’s going on August 10 from 3-6 pm.  Karen will be sharing her favorite summer and rose wines and Chef Cook will be preparing fresh and seasonal snacks.  Tickets are $35 per person.

3)  Cinema Nights!  Starting at 8 pm, you can sit out on the patio, enjoy your food (with some specials mixed in), and sip away on beverages.  Here is the list:

  • July 25                         The Goonies
  • August 1                      Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • August 8                      The Third Man
  • August 15                    Stand By Me
  • August 22                    Casablanca
  • August 29                    What About Bob
  • September 5               Rear Window
  • September 12             Annie Hall
  • September 19             Field of Dreams

4)  Saturday Afternoon Cookouts on the Patio!  The fun begins at 3 pm and costs only $25 for adults and $12 for kids.  Kids can get hot dogs, chicken, side dishes, and dessert instead.  Here’s the focus of each cookout:

  • July 27       RIBS
  • August 3    CLAMBAKE
  • August 10  PULLED PORK
  • August 17  CLAMBAKE
  • August 24  BRATS/SAUSAGES
  • August 31  CLAMBAKE
  • Sept 7        PIG ROAST

5)  There’s always a ton of live music at Redding Roadhouse every Friday and Saturday (and sometimes Thursday).  Check out the schedule here.

6)  And, finally, they have monthly farmhouse dinners with local farmers.  Ticketst are $65 or $85 if you’d like your multi-course meal paired with wine.  After the dinner, the featured farmer will answer any questions that you might have about the food or the farm.  The dates are July 31, August 28, September 18, and October 9.

Redding Roadhouse

406 Redding Road

Redding, CT

(203) 938-3388

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